Sloane | 1 month

We somehow have a 1 month old on our hands!  Sloane Cherylyn is an absolute blessing to our family and I can’t believe I ever questioned or doubted how I would have enough love for two babies!

20170613-1 week

^1 week

20170620-2 weeks

^2 weeks

20170627-3 weeks

^3 weeks

20170627-3 weeks sisters

^3 weeks with big sister!

20170704-4 weeks

^4 weeks

20170706-1 month (2)

20170706-1 month


  • bath time
  • Peyton singing to her
  • resting and falling asleep on our shoulder
  • being held
  • watching fans
  • being snug in the wrap I carry her in
  • eating



  • pacifiers (she’s just recently started using one this week but it’s a love/hate situation)
  • tummy time



  • Spending time with her after delivery (I wasn’t nauseous like I was when Peyton was born so Forest got to hold her right next to my head for awhile before he went to our recovery room with her).
  • Peyton meeting Sloane for the first time.
  • Figuring out how different Sloane is from Peyton at this age – she is her own person and she lets us know it.
  • Telling Sloane about the amazing woman that she got her middle name from.
  • Watching Peyton love on Sloane.  Peyton is always wanting to hold her and kiss her!
  • the cutest smiles we get while she’s sleeping.
  • She grunts and squeaks SO much while she’s sleeping.  She grunted so much at night that it kept me up but the past week has been much better.  Either she’s stopped grunting so much or I’m so sleep deprived that I’m sleeping through them!
  • Getting her teeny-tiny hand print on the Father’s Day clock we made for Forest this year.
  • Her first outing – we made it to Target one afternoon as a family.  Everyone except Sloane was still in their PJs.

UPDATED TO ADD: Sloane’s 1 month appointment was 7/10 and she weighed 10 lbs 9 oz (in the 75th percentile!) and measured 20 inches long (25th percentile).  She has rolls like you wouldn’t believe and her cheeks are my favorite things ever!

We love you so much, Sloane, and we’re so excited to see you grow!


Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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