Mommy Letters | To two year old Peyton


This isn’t so much a letter as it is a list of things I love about you and don’t want to forget about at this age.  You are a very special girl and I love you very much!

  • You love reading books, walking, the blue slides at the park, Super Why on PBS, blueberries, bike rides, singing EIEIO, riding in the stroller, and ice cream.

  • You say Doh-doh for grandpa.
  • When you hears Adele’s song “Water Under the Bridge” you immediately ask for Uncle Leon which sounds more like ‘Lyalya’ <— I’m not quite sure how to spell the way you say his name!
  • You can still wear some of her 18 month clothes – you’re a petite little lady.
  • You’re a hitter when you’re upset.  You’ve been in seeeeeeeeveral time outs for hitting,
  • Speaking of time outs – the two’s are tough.  I think they are for all kids but you sure do give us a run for our money!  Most of your time outs are a result of you not listening, typical.
  • You are the sweetest and say hi to everyone we see.  You know no stranger which has me worried about teaching you about not talking to strangers…
  • If someone asks “how are you?”  you usually reply by holding up 1 finger and excitedly saying your age “two!”
  • There was a solid month that you loved all.the.bugs.  Today?  You’re deathly afraid of almost all bugs.
  • You and Indie having really started playing together a lot recently.
  • You like to mimic and repeat the things we do and say.  One of my favorites is when Dada puts his head in his hands at the dinner table and you follow suit.  It’s almost always on a night we’re eating something super messy which means you goes straight to the bath!  You also request a wipe while I change Sloane’s diaper so you can change your baby too.  And you love singing nursery rhymes with us (your favorite songs are in the book you call EIEIO plus I just taught you the wheels on the bus and Jesus Loves Me)
  • You’re getting better at your colors.  You always get pink, blue, yellow and white correct.
  • You have a good memory!  You can tell us a story (in your 2 year old vocabulary) from a few days ago if something happens that reminds you.  Like on a play date with Jacob you hit him with Minnie and made him cry…. Or you see baseball on TV and ask for Aunt TT.
  • You have the best belly laugh!
  • You still have your paci for nap- and night-time but I know those days are coming to an end.  And you still cry for mama and dada when you wake up.
  • Getting dressed is one of our biggest battles.
  • We have learned to bribe you.  Most recently we bribed you to wear your hair bow all day for ice cream.  You did wear it all day and we were so proud!  We hopped in the car to head for ice cream and just minutes away from parking you…… pulled your hair bow out.
  • I tell people that you’re OCD.  I don’t know if that’s true, obviously, but you are veeeeeery particular about certain things.  No toys or bubbles in the bath tub, for instance.  Also, your socks have to be on juuuuust right.
  • You’re a sympathetic crier – you cry when you see other toddler or babies crying.
  • You love, love, love Sloane which makes my mama-heart happy.  But you’ve had TWO colds since she was born (two months ago) and we’ve had to tell you no when you ask to hold or kiss her which makes my mama-heart really sad.

You have the biggest personality, Miss Peyton Elizabeth, and I wouldn’t trade any of your time-outs or tantrums for anything in the world!  I’m so glad God picked us to be your dada and mama.




^oh ‘The look’!!





I love you forever,



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