End-of-Summer Vacation | Indiana 2017

This will mostly be pictures but we completely enjoyed our time in Indiana.  We treated it like a vacation even though we were staying with/visiting family.

Our mission was family time and fun and we absolutely accomplished both!

We went to the fly-in cruise-in, met our friend’s new baby, went to the zoo, celebrated an early birthday for my sister-in-law’s 30th, ate at our favorite restaurants, had a yummy cookout, and played at the park.

Peyton will not stop asking about everyone, she wants to go back asap, and, despite being the most fussy she’s ever been, Sloane got her fair share of snuggles, kisses and cheek pinches!

Travel days were split between books, naps, and Disney movies.

Fly-in Cruise-in after the pancake breakfast!

Meeting Miss Cora & seeing Mark & Katie:

Labor Day parade.  Peyton was terrified to get the candy being thrown until nearly the end of the parade.  Aiden shared his though!

An evening at the park.  All pictures (except the first) are from Shelby.

Great grandma stopped by for a visit.

Trip to the zoo!!!  We met our friends Kyle & Cait with their daughter Olivia and Gigi joined us.

Ice cream at Ivanhoe’s while Forest golfed with Robbie.  Peyton was begging for “blue ice!!” and they had some!

A few miscellaneous ones:

family pictures!

Hotel life on our way back home!


We also had a surprise 30th birthday part for Aunt TT and a cookout at my parent’s house that I took no pictures of but we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of family!!

Until next time — Cindy

*All pictures are original to A View from the Shore




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