September & Me | 2017


loving. When Peyton says “Okay?” such as “Me read book, Mommy.  Okay?” She has the whole head tilt thing down too!

needing. Caffeine.  Sleep.  Patience.  Selflessness.  –> Jesus!!!

wanting. Sloane to sleep through the night again!  Or at least sleep better than she has been.  Did the 4 month sleep regression start early with her?!

writing.  Homework for Bible Study coming up this week.

reading. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) but I returned it to the library after not reading more than 1/3 in four weeks… I was interested but it wasn’t something I looked forward to pick up in the evening or when I had a spare minute.  I started The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis as part of the Chronicles of Narnia.

watching. Dancing with the Stars since it’s back and football on the weekends!

listening. I’ve been playing Today’s Christian Hits on Pandora a lot recently.

wishing. Our bank account could afford daily trips to Hobby Lobby.

feeling. Lazy.  I have so many projects I’d like to sew but I always end up watching tv or snoozing on the couch most nights.

craving. A really good cherry pie.

cooking. We had tacos tonight and they were pretty delicious!

eating. Everything that’s not healthy…

drinking. Water.

smelling. A candle I had burning earlier… orange harvest might be the name…

working on. I need to start on the project I’m sewing as a Christmas gift for a family member!  I have the fabric I just need to start sewing.

wearing. I’m currently in my PJ’s.

^Forest said she looks like she’s ready for school wearing a backpack and he’s decided she’s never going!  She will never go to school because he won’t let her grow anymore.


Family vacation in Indiana.

Sloane’s birth story.

Sloane at 3 months.

I turned 29 and I’m ready to rock it!

A new Hobby Lobby opened 3 miles down the road and I’ve been at least once a week since it opened.

Sloane started going to the nursery at church on Sundays.

I decorated for fall.

Forest started flag football on Saturday mornings.

Peyton is a bike-riding pro!

Grandpa Johnson and Great-Grandpa George came to deliver and assemble Sloane’s crib and a swing for the backyard – both built by Grandpa Johnson.


  1. Stay up-to-date with editing pictures.
  2. Family vacation to visit our friend Rachele!!
  3. Our 6 year wedding anniversary, Forest’s birthday and Thanksgiving (my family is coming!)


Until next time  — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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