All the FALL things

We had such a fun time picking apples and pumpkins this year.  When we find a place we like we tend to stick with them year after year so it’s no surprise that we decided on Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ for our apples and Cheesequake Farms in Old Bridge, NJ for our pumpkins.

Peyton had so much fun picking apples this year.  She was running up and down the rows of trees and begging for another bite of apple.  She wasn’t the biggest fan of picking the apples herself but she most definitely enjoyed eating them!  Sloane fell asleep facing forward in the carrier just as we were paying, I couldn’t believe it but I guess when you’re tired, you’re tired! Forest made homemade apple cider later in the week with the apples we picked and it was absolutely delicious.  He did a great job!

I wasn’t ready for summer to end this year.  I’m usually the biggest fan of fall but this year I wasn’t ready.  Until it was the END of OCTOBER and we were picking pumpkins while it was close to 80 degrees!  It was toasty picking pumpkins this year but Peyton was so excited about her “baby puntkin” that she carried all over.  And she did really well in the corn maze.  Well, as good as a 2 year old can.  She didn’t understand the concept of a maze but she was all about running through the corn!  Sloane slept in the carrier the whole time – typical – but we made sure to pick a pumpkin for her, too.  Forest liiiives for picking the perfect pumpkin.  It’s his mission to get the best of the best and I think he settled on pumpkin #3 which is pretty good for him!

We didn’t carve our pumpkins right away.  We waited until Gigi and Dohdoh were here a few days before Halloween.  I only have the finished pumpkins here but Peyton loved (last year and again this year) helping pull out the pumpkin guts!  She watched a movie with Gigi while Mama, Dada and Dohdoh carved their pumpkins and then it was almost unanimously decided that Pinocchio (Dada’s pumpkin!) was the best!


And speaking of Halloween!  We had so much fun going to a trunk-or-treat for candy, to the library for a Halloween Spooktacular and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and passing out candy at our house afterwards.  We did coordinating outfits this year (and hopefully we will for the next several years because it is just adorable!!).  Peyton was Piglet and I made the cutest DIY costume for her (seriously so simple!) and Sloane was Pooh who we squeezed into a 3-6 month onesie that we already owned.  I can’t believe how adorable they are!  Peyton helped pass out candy with Gigi when we got home.  She had so much fun watching for people even though she would get scared once they came up to the door, especially if they were wearing a mask or ‘scary’ costume.


A few other random fall things: Peyton was working on her colors as we made a cute candy corn art, spider donuts on a Saturday morning, s’mores, acorn art, painting pumpkins and making apple muffins with Gigi.

Whew!  That was a pretty full October and so much fun! I’m looking forward to November!

Until next time — Cindy


*All images are original to A View from the Shore




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