January & Me | 2018


loving.  That the Olympics will be starting in just a few days!

needing. To get started on the baby quilt for our niece who will be arriving in February.

wanting. To continue putting the Word before the World as I’m reading through the Bible in one year.

writing. I still have our Christmas post in my drafts…

reading. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon – the second book in the Outlander series

watching. The Crown on Netflix.

listening. A random Hallmark movie is playing while I write this since the girls are napping.

wishing. Vacation to Indiana at the end of February will come quickly.

feeling. Exhausted.  Age 2.5 is kicking my behind!

craving. Chocolate.  Always.

cooking. It’s the weekend and I leave all the cooking to Forest.

eating. Leftovers are on the menu for tonight – specifically baked spaghetti.

drinking. Water. And my daily coffee to get me through the day!

smelling. A clean dog laying next to me on the couch – she got a bath today!

working on. Getting the end of 2017’s pictures printed for my 52 project.

wearing. jeans + long sleeve shirt.


Sloane is 7 months old!

We celebrated Gramma’s first Heavenly birthday with a pink cake that Peyton picked.

We passed the 1 year anniversary of my mom’s passing and I wrote a post about the peace I’ve experienced.



1. Finish my 52 project for 2017.

3. Start our 2017 family album.  (I create ours online through Mixbook.)

4. WORD before WORLD. I’m committing to reading the Bible in a year. And I have a friend as an accountability partner so hopefully we’ll keep each other on track to succeed!

Until next time  — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

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