Sloane | eight months

Eight months old is such a fun age with this little girl!

20180109-31 weeks

^31 weeks

20180117-32 weeks

^32 weeks

20180123-33 weeks

^33 weeks

20180130-34 weeks

^34 weeks

20180206-35 weeks

^35 weeks

20180206-8 months

20180206-8 months (2)

20180206-8 months (3)

20180206-8 months (4)

20180206-8 months (5)

20180206-8 months (6)


  • Food
  • Cruising around in the walker
  • Her V-tech train
  • Getting the towels out of the kitchen drawers
  • Playing with her giraffe lovie’s ears as she falls asleep
  • Saying Dadadadada
  • Chasing Peyton
  • Mama’s water bottle
  • Baths!


  • Green beans
  • laying down for diaper/outfit changes


  • Several different foods
  • teeth – 3 total!
  • Eating puffs
  • Ride in the shopping cart
  • Dedication
  • Bath with Peyton


  • We had Sloane’s dedication on 1/14/18.  Not that we would expect anything different from her but she did a wonderful job on stage in front of everyone and she looked absolutely adorable in her little dress.  We are honored that God chose us to be her parents and we are dedicating to raising her to know and love the Lord.  We know she is going to great things for the Lord and we are here to help her!
  • Sloane has put herself on a pretty good 2-nap schedule (wake up at 6:45/7:00, nap from 9:30-11:00, nap again from 1:45-3:00 and bedtime at 7:15/7:30).
  • She’s been napping on her side more often.  I lay her down for a nap on her back with her lovie and I check on her 10 minutes later and she’s usually on her side, still cuddling lovie.
  • Sloane is still a huge fan of food.  She’s eating 3 meals a day and we already increased how much she eats at each meal.  I’ve made most of the food she eats (everything except the meats) and everything is frozen in an ice cube tray.  The only food she hasn’t liked is green beans.  Even if I try to hide it by mixing it with other foods she always refuses to eat it!  And I’ve actually started making her foods a little chunky because she’s been great with chewing the cereal puffs we give her.  It’s so cute watching her chubby little fingers pinch the puffs to put in her mouth!
  • A third bottom tooth popped up!
  • I think she will inevitably have a scratch on her nose.  I trim her fingernails all the time but as soon as the scratch on her nose heals, she’ll wake up the next morning with a new one.
  • Sloane is ruling the roost in her walker!  She cruises around the kitchen and maneuvers herself all over the place.  Her favorite things to do are pull the towel off of the refrigerator door, open all the drawers she can reach, and bother Peyton while she’s eating lunch.
  • We started giving the girls a bath together in the big bathtub.  Sloane loves bath time.  She likes splashing and kicking and she doesn’t care if water gets on her face.  Peyton recently started crying and throwing a fit with Sloane in the bath so they’ve been taking them separately again.
  • I’ve started putting Sloane on her belly a lot more during the day so she can try to figure out crawling.  I feel like she understands what her legs need to do because she can sometimes hike her bum in the air but she isn’t moving forward yet.  She mostly just spins in a circle and inches backwards occasionally.  She’ll start moving soon and I won’t be ready for it!
  • We hear Dadadadadada I like to say “mamamamama” to her but she hasn’t said it yet.  She usually just giggles at me.
  • Sloane is extra giggly when she’s starting to get sleepy.  The smallest noise or sound will send her into a fit of giggles.
  • Sloane has recently moved away from blowing raspberries and spends most of her time doing some kind of quack/grunt.
  • She looooves to grab my hair.  Specifically when she’s sleepy she’ll grab the hair on either side of my neck and squish her face into my face/neck.  It’s so sweet even if it hurts a smidge.

We love you so much!  And we can’t wait to see all the new things you’ll do!




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