February & Me | 2018


loving.  Sweet Baby Sawyer!!!  I’m so glad we got to meet and snuggle her!

needing. Spring!

wanting.  Sloane to sleep through the night again…..

writing.  Grocery list.

reading. The Voyager by Diana Gabaldon – the third book in the Outlander series

watching.  Survivor & This Is Us every week.  Plus Outlander that my Dad recorded onto DVD’s for me!

listening. A random Hallmark movie is playing while I write this since the girls are napping.

wishing. It will be warm enough for us to play outside after naps.

feeling. Exhausted.  Sloane isn’t sleeping well at night and this mama is tired.

craving. Easter candy.  It’s never too soon, is it?

cooking. This week’s menu consists of crock pot stuffed bell peppers, BBQ pork roll-ups, and rice pilaf.

eating. Egg salad sandwiches for lunch recently.

drinking. Water. And my daily coffee to get me through the day!

smelling. The spiced apple candle that’s on the warmer.

working on. A t-shirt quilt for my friend.

wearing. Work-out clothes, I just finished a workout while the girls are napping.


Sloane turned 8 months old!

Bowling with friends.  Four adults + four kids.  It was difficult and close to nap times but we all survived and I think we would say it was a little fun.

I got a new tattoo in memory of my sweet mamasita.


Sweet “baby cousin Sawyer” was born 2/14/18.  She is absolutely adorable and I need to kiss her squishy cheeks again soon.

We had a few 70 degree days and we took full advantage and spent all of our time outside.

We traveled to Indiana to meet baby Sawyer and visit with family and it was such a good visit.  The drive wasn’t always super fun (hello 2.5 year old who wanted to watch a movie but the movies weren’t downloaded to the iPad….) but the girls did so good.


1. Start our 2017 family album (online with Mixbook).

2. Make good progress on the t-shirt quilt for my friend.

3.  Decorate for spring!

4. WORD before WORLD. I’m committing to reading the Bible in a year. And I have a friend as an accountability partner so hopefully we’ll keep each other on track to succeed!

Until next time  — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

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