Sloane | nine months

Nine months old and learning more everyday!  She’s getting hard to keep up with

20180213-36 weeks

^36 weeks

20180220-37 weeks

^37 weeks

20180227-38 weeks

^38 weeks

20180306-39 weeks

^39 weeks

20180306-9 months

20180306-9 months (3)

20180306-9 months (4)

20180306-9 months (5)

^shaking her head ‘no’

20180306-9 months (6)

20180306-9 months (7)


  • Food – most of the time
  • puffs
  • Cruising around in the walker
  • Pulling hair and scratching faces
  • Her V-tech train
  • Playing with her giraffe lovie’s ears as she falls asleep
  • Saying Dadadada
  • Baths! Especially all of the splashing.
  • Shaking and nodding her head
  • Pulling herself to standing holding our hands


  • men…? (explained more below)
  • getting dressed
  • having something taken away from her – she can throw a good fit about it


  • Finger food – sweet potato and green beans
  • Visit to the children’s museum


  • Sloane is still on the same 2-nap schedule (wake up at 6:45/7:00, nap from 9:30-11:00, nap again from 1:45-3:00 and bedtime at 7:15/7:30).
  • She’s a side-napper.  I lay her down for a nap on her back with her lovie and I check on her 10 minutes later and she’s usually on her side, still cuddling lovie.  And a few times I’ve found her on her belly with her bum in the air – my favorite baby sleeping position.
  • Sloane is still a huge fan of food.  Puffs and cherrios are her favorite.  She’s also recently tried sweet potato and green beans as finger food.  Her chubby fingers pinching her food is the best!
  • We had a few GORGEOUS days this month (in the 70’s!!) so we took her walker outside and let her cruise around the deck.  She loved chasing Indie’s soccer ball all over the place and chasing it after she hit it with her walker.
  • Sloane loves bath time!  Her and Peyton splash and kick like crazy after they’ve been washed.  To the point that we pull the shower curtain closed so we aren’t getting drenched.  They laugh and giggle SO MUCH – my absolute favorite sound.
  • She still isn’t crawling.  I feel like she understands what her legs need to do because she can sometimes hike her bum in the air but she isn’t moving forward yet.  She mostly just spins in a circle and inches backwards occasionally.  She’ll start moving soon and I won’t be ready for it!
  • We hear Dadadadadada I like to say “mamamamama” to her but she hasn’t said it yet.  She usually just giggles at me.
  • She thinks it’s funny to shake her head no but if you look at her and say “yes” she’ll nod her head too.  If we ask her a question she’ll either nod or shake her head in response and it’s usually the opposite of what she should say.
  • Sloane is extra giggly when she’s starting to get sleepy.  The smallest noise or sound will send her into a fit of giggles.
  • Sloane spends most of her time doing some kind of quack/grunt or yelling to match Peyton’s volume.
  • She looooves to grab my hair.  Specifically when she’s sleepy she’ll grab the hair on either side of my neck and squish her face into my face/neck.  It’s so sweet even if it hurts a smidge.  But she also likes pulling beards and scratching faces.  Not fun.
  • We had a week-long trip to Indiana to meet baby Sawyer at the end of February.  Sloane was all about the new baby in the family.  She might have thought Sawyer was just a baby doll because she kept yanking on Sawyer’s bib.  She’s not gentle, if you haven’t guessed it yet.
  • We went to the Indianapolis Children’s museum while we were in Indiana and all of the kids looooooved it.  We went after naps, we grabbed dinner on our drive down, and spent a few hours exploring as much as we could.  Sloane mostly hung out in the little umbrella stroller but we made sure she got to see as much as she could.
  • Sloane seems to have developed a dislike of men.  She saw Mark and Robbie while we were in Indiana and she just cried when they were near her and was constantly looking for them if she knew they were still in the house.  She wasn’t a super-fan of Grampa either at first but warmed up to quickly.  I guess she isn’t around a lot of men except Dada and she gets upset and let’s us know.

We love you so much!  And we can’t wait to see all the new things you’ll do!




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