Sloane | ten months

TEN months old and on the move!

20180314-40 weeks

^40 weeks

20180320-41 weeks

^41 weeks

20180327-42 weeks

^42 weeks

20180403-43 weeks

^43 weeks

20180406-10 months (1)

20180406-10 months (2)

20180406-10 months (3)

20180406-10 months (4)

20180406-10 months (5)

20180406-10 months (6)


  • Crawling all over
  • Food
  • Playing with shoes
  • Gerber’s lil’ crunchies
  • Cruising around in the walker
  • Pulling hair
  • Music
  • Playing with her giraffe lovie’s ears as she falls asleep
  • Bath time
  • Walking holding our hands


  • getting dressed
  • having something taken away from her – she can throw a good fit about it


  • Finger food – a lot!!
  • Saying MAMA!!
  • Easter
  • baseball game
  • night of sleep training


  • Sloane is still on the same 2-nap schedule (wake up at 6:45/7:00, nap from 9:30-11:00, nap again from 1:30-4:00 and bedtime at 7:30/7:45).
  • Even though she is on a good schedule during the day, she still sleeps terrible at night.  I rock her to sleep for nearly 30 minutes to make sure she’s sound asleep and then lay her down but she wakes up anywhere from 2-5+ times a night… And every time I rock her back to sleep plus still nurse her once at some point.  So last night (as a Happy 10 months present) we started sleep training – we laid her down just like we do for naps (that she falls asleep on her own for) at 7:45 and checked on her after 3 mintues, then after 5 more minutes, then after 7 more minutes and by 8:10 she wasn’t crying anymore!  I waited until 8:30 to check on her and she was sound asleep, on her belly, and she smelled like she pooped.  *pouty face….* She woke up at 3:30, I changed her diaper, laid her back down and she slept until 7:00!!!  I know it was only the first night but I am SO hopeful that she’ll be putting herself to sleep on her own and sleeping through the night consistently after this weekend.
  • She sleeps on her belly now.  I lay her down for a nap on her back with her lovie but she’s almost always on her belly with her bum in the air – my favorite baby sleeping position.
  • Sloane is still a huge fan of food.  The Gerber’s lil’ crunchies are her favorite.  And she likes eating finger foods that aren’t squishy – sweet potato fries, tiny pieces of toast, scrambled egg, peas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.  The banana, sweet potato, peaches, etc. that are kinda squishy she’ll eat from a spoon just fine but she doesn’t like to pick them up on her own.
  • Sloane said mama!!!!  We were in the car driving home from a playdate at a friend’s house and she was upset and just one time in the middle of a cry she said “mmmm.. mmmm… mmmamma..” and just a few days later she was saying it all the time, not just when she was upset.
  • She’s crawling!  It started as an army crawl, just pulling herself along on her belly but she was getting everywhere!  And then she learned to sit up on her own from her belly.  And now she’s crawling all over the house!  We can’t keep up with her.  She’s playing with the (dirty) shoes or getting into Indie’s food bowl or trying to climb the step into the hallway or taking all the books off the shelves.
  • We took Sloane to her first baseball game while Peyton stayed at home with Gigi and Dohdoh!  We went to a Cardinals @ Mets game with friends of ours (who have a 14 month old girl).  She did great!  We left the house at 9:30 and left the stadium around 5:00 so she napped in my arms in the afternoon.  She loved the free Build-A-Bear that we got and she was so good during the game – she didn’t fuss or get cranky!
  • Sloane loves to dance to music.  It doesn’t matter if it’s music from a toy or music on the radio – she loves to sway and twist, swing her arms and bob her head.  She has the sweetest moves.
  • I’m preeeeeetty sure she can say Amen.  We pray at every meal and at bedtime and one night at dinner, we all said ‘Amen’ and then Sloane said something that sounded a whole lot like ‘Amen.’  She doesn’t do it every day but I’ve heard it several times after someone prays.
  • Sloane’s first Easter was on 4/1/18 and we got to celebrate the empty tomb with Gigi and Dohdoh here.  The girls wore matching dresses to church and we had a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard after church.  Sloane’s Easter basket had clothes, bows, a basketball bath toy, a new book and an already-owned stuffed animal.

We love you so much!  And we can’t wait to see all the new things you’ll do!




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