Peyton Said It

So I had a good run of Forest Says for a few years.  And he still says funny stuff all.the.time (both intentionally and unintentionally!) but I’ve stopped keeping a record of as many.  Instead, I’ve have a note on my phone that I keep a running list of all the funny things Peyton says or does.  She is her father’s daughter after all!


Talking about when Gigi and DohDoh would be here to visit:

Peyton: bath… n… night night… n.. wake up… n…. doh doh!!!

A few days after we had a movie night with popcorn and watched Rock Dog when and I took a picture of all of us sitting on the couch together with the camera sitting on the tv stand:

Peyton: *sat down in front of the couch with tino,  a giant stuffed teddy bear* cheeeese!

*got up to check her “camera” sitting on the tv stand.

Mama: was it a good one, Peyton?

Peyton: mmhmmmm….

After we finally guessed correctly what she was trying to tell us-

Peyton: mmhmmm. Yep!

At the dinner table discussing how DohDoh *never* eats the food left on the stove even though he always says he’ll eat it:

Peyton: never. never. never!

Getting dressed in the morning, my cold hands touched her belly and she said “brrr… no touch, mama!”

Later, going potty before she went to her class while I went to Bible study, I️ lifted her shirt (and didn’t touch her!) and she kept shouting “nooooo toooouch!”

Trying to put one of Sloane’s socks back on as Sloane is kicking all over:

Peyton:  Sock on Sloane. Sock on. Wiggle worm.

I decorated for Christmas while Peyton was napping and when she woke up:

Peyton: Lookie! Lookie!! Decorations!!

As Dada was buckling her into the car seat after grocery shopping:

Peyton: me scared.

Dada: scared of what?

Peyton: people coming.

Dada: what people?

Peyton: Black.

Forest was cracking up as he was getting in the car and telling me what she said.  I don’t think he saw any black people around, maybe it was a black truck someone was getting into/out of but it was still funny.

After *several* opportunities to get in the time out chair on her own:

Mama: this is your last chance or you’ll get a spanking.

Peyton: (while sobbing) yes spanking. No time out.

Mama: we’re gonna go see Santa this weekend!

Peyton: Peyton see Jesus too! Big hug! Hold Jesus hand!

Well if that doesn’t melt your heart!!

Standing in line to see Santa:

Dada: What are you going to tell Santa?

Peyton:  My name Peyton.  I want Peppa Pig.

Sitting on the potty:

Mama: you’ve been good today. Thank you. I love you Peyton.

Peyton: Me love you Jesus!

Singing twinkle twinkle little star into a roll of wrapping paper:

Mama: …. like a diamond in the sky

Peyton: (holding hand up) pease stop

She pronounces kitchen like ‘chicken’

Elmo is pronounced ‘homo’

Calling for or playing with Indie (she hears us call her Indie Mavis all the time!):

Peyton: Innie Mavis!!

Riding her bike around the island (per usual) but stops at one end and reaches out where we have a little command hook:

Peyton: mama! Me get coffee. Mmmmm… so yummy!

I guess she understands a drive-thru!

Looking at an ornament with a picture of Gramma:

Peyton: me love Gamma

Dada: aww… I love Gramma too! And mommy loves Gramma!

Peyton: yeah. Best fiends.

Following Dada around the house:

Peyton: I am big sister. I hold her. And cuddle. And do nothing. And no cry little bit.

Mama: Peyton, let’s go play outside in the snow!

Peyton: um no. It’s a liiiiiiittle feezing.

Randomly at the end of dinner:

Peyton: Oh dear God take the sausage!

But we weren’t eating sausage…..

Peyton: Go to Gigi Dohdoh house?

Mama: no, but we’ll see them in a few weeks when we got visit Uncle Leon and Aunt Shelby’s new baby.

Peyton: new baby?

Mama: yeah. When their new baby is born we’ll go meet her!

Peyton: wow. So exciting.

Mama: I’m so excited too.

Peyton: new baby born and me be best friends.

In the Wendy’s drive thru they said “we’ll be right with you” so I wasn’t talking

Peyton:  Go ahead mommy. Say hello. Go ahead. Just do it mommy. Don’t be scared.

I laid Peyton down for bed and she called me back in there

Peyton:  Mommy I want to pray again

Mama: Ok. close your eyes and you can pray

Peyton: Dear Jesus. Please keep Uncle Leon, Baby Sawyer, Aunt Shelby and Chansler safe. Amen.

After her devotional about peace:

Peyton: I want piece of chocolate!!

2/17/18 Her first prayer without help. She said it al on her own, completely unprompted:

Peyton: Dear Jesus. Thank you for family. Give me peace. Keep me warm. Keep me safe. Be with uncle Leon, Aunt Shelby, Chansler, baby Sawyer. In all things amen.

Mama- (singing to Sloane) I just want you to be a cuddly baaaaaaaby.

Peyton- I tuddle you, mama. (Climbs up into lap and cuddles into my chest)

Walking out of the door to moms group:

Mama- I feel like I’m forgetting something, Peyton.

Peyton- it’s awwight mama. You fine it later.

Mama- Peyton, do you want barbecue chicken or Hawaiian chicken?

Peyton- mmmm… whiney chicken.

At breakfast:

Mama:  Peyton!  Jacob and Lillian and Miss Monica are coming over to play today!

Peyton:  Yay yay yay!  Jacob me best fiend whole world!

And since I mentioned Monica, Peyton pronounces her name “Mon-ca-huh” – so cute.

These start around Thanksgiving 2017 (Peyton would have been 2.5) to just this week (Peyton is a few weeks shy of 3).  I hope to share things more often!  These could really get interesting as both girls grow and start communicating more!

Until next time — Cindy

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