Progress Report | Peyton’s Big Girl Room

We moved Peyton out of the nursery at the end of March.  She’s now in what was the guest room but is now her big girl room!  It’s bigger than the nursery – more room for her toys and playing! – and it’s farther away from our room – which makes no difference, really, because I think our walls are made of paper.

I was completely against the idea of moving Peyton at first.  We decorated that room for her and I didn’t want to take it away from her.  But the idea of having a baby in a bigger room didn’t make sense.  So I agreed it would be best to move her.  I was nervous she wouldn’t transition well (I was dreading multiple middle of the night wake ups) but she didn’t have a single problem.

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Finished Quilt | From Gramma’s fabric

I came home from Indiana with my mom’s sewing machine and a bolt of Winnie the Pooh fabric at the beginning of February.  I spent a few hours one Saturday afternoon picking fabric to coordinate with the Winnie the Pooh fabric and started my journey to make a quilt for our baby girl coming in June.




I used this cute hipster baby quilt as my inspiration.  I like the more modern look with the large rectangles of fabric and the simple stitching.

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Thoughts on Thursday | 3.02.2017

It is March 2 and I decided to clean the dust off of this little blog of mine.  I haven’t been the best at blogging since I left work in September to stay at home for our growing family and focus on my photography business (which needs more attention….) and 2017 has rocked our family like you wouldn’t believe (and unfortunately not in a good way…) but here I am.  I’ll kick things off with a Thoughts on Thursday because it happens to be Thursday and I’ve got to start somewhere.

I’m really hoping that this is a lot like riding a bike – you never really forget how to do it, you just have to jump back on the bike and get going.

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Halloween 2016

Last year for Halloween Peyton was a Colt’s cheerleader for the parade at daycare and then we dressed her up as a Dalmatian to help us pass out candy.

This year, I made Peyton’s Halloween costume.  She was an adorable little strawberry (and the supplies to make it only cost $10 – a t-shirt, black and green felt, thread (I bought a new spool of black thread) and red tulle (I used a head band I already had for the elastic waist of the tutu) – all from Hobby Lobby!)  Here’s an in-progress shot – I had finished the tutu and her try that on while I cut out and pinned the seeds on her shirt.

Peyton's strawberry costume is coming along! Her tutu is done and I'll be spending  the rest of my evening sewing on these seeds. Next are a few leaves for around the neck of the shirt and we should be good to go! 10.26.2016 #Peyton #diystrawberrycostume

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Our 2015 family album

It is the middle of August and I’m only now posting about our family album from 2015.  I worked so many months at the beginning of the year to get our annual album together and I finally did, just in time for Mixbook to have a 50% off sale (yay!) and I ordered our album and patiently waited for it to arrive sometime at the end of June.

And here are a few pages (of the nearly 100 pages total. what?!  we had a big year with Peyton being born!):



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family pictures

We did our own family pictures the weekend after Peyton’s 1st birthday.  (just like we took our own maternity pictures last year!!)  I want to make sure we pictures of our family (especially the current baby and future babies) in every stage of life!  I take plenty of pictures on my phone and even with the real camera (working on a 365 project!!) but I want to have ‘formal’ family pictures as well – even if the baby is on the brink of a meltdown while we’re taking them.

//Super shout out to Forest and his patience.  I usually have a vision for our pictures but don’t always explain them perfectly but he’s a trooper and pretty good at capturing special moments.\\

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

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around the house – February edition

Happy Monday!  And happy leap day!  I hope you’re enjoying the extra day we get this year!

Just a glimpse around (a portion of) our house in February 2016:

Valentine's Day craft


^our new canvas that hides our alarm panel


^a close up of the hinges – this was such a simple DIY!






^playtime on hardwood floors = pillows & blankets everywhere



^baby toys in the most random spots



^101 Dalmatians

Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore