Family Pictures | in our own backyard

We did family pictures in our own backyard this year.  Both girls were sick, it was cold outside and it just didn’t seem worth the effort to load everyone in the car to drive to a pretty park when our own backyard had a few colorful leaves and our favorite spots to sit.  As I was picking my favorite ones I realized we didn’t any of just the girls together and we didn’t get any of just me and Forest.  But the ones we did get are precious and I can’t wait to get some printed for our walls and add them to our Christmas card.

These are a few of my favorites.  And if you scroll far enough you’ll get to see a few outtakes!











We took these pictures on our 6th wedding anniversary so we got a few pictures of our annual picture, holding the frame with the picture from the year before.



And the outtakes.  Because pictures with a 2.5 year old and 5 month old are super easy (said no one ever).



^neither one wanted to look but I might still kinda like this one



And there you have it.  A handful of family photos for us to cherish forever and hang on our walls.  Maybe next year the kids won’t be sick, we’ll take them when it’s a little warmer and we’ll take them at a pretty park. Or maybe we’ll take them in our backyard again and I’ll hang them on our walls and treasure them just the same.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


Progress Report | Peyton’s Big Girl Room

We moved Peyton out of the nursery at the end of March.  She’s now in what was the guest room but is now her big girl room!  It’s bigger than the nursery – more room for her toys and playing! – and it’s farther away from our room – which makes no difference, really, because I think our walls are made of paper.

I was completely against the idea of moving Peyton at first.  We decorated that room for her and I didn’t want to take it away from her.  But the idea of having a baby in a bigger room didn’t make sense.  So I agreed it would be best to move her.  I was nervous she wouldn’t transition well (I was dreading multiple middle of the night wake ups) but she didn’t have a single problem.

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Thoughts on Thursday | 3.02.2017

It is March 2 and I decided to clean the dust off of this little blog of mine.  I haven’t been the best at blogging since I left work in September to stay at home for our growing family and focus on my photography business (which needs more attention….) and 2017 has rocked our family like you wouldn’t believe (and unfortunately not in a good way…) but here I am.  I’ll kick things off with a Thoughts on Thursday because it happens to be Thursday and I’ve got to start somewhere.

I’m really hoping that this is a lot like riding a bike – you never really forget how to do it, you just have to jump back on the bike and get going.

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O Christmas Tree | 2016

We put our tree up on Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It’s always one of my favorite days, putting up the tree!  We had already decorated the den a little bit (because we did Johnson family pictures in front of the fireplace) but we worked on the tree and the outside lights on Sunday.

Peyton had a lot of fun bringing the ornaments that Forest gave her over to me at the tree and we would try to put them on together.  I’ve been a broken record since Sunday saying “no no.  We look but don’t touch.  Put that back on the tree please.”  The only thing low enough for her to grab is plastic candy canes but she gets them anytime I turn my back!

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

^Peyton was using a plastic toy Santa as a camera remote. :)

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

trimming the tree

Until next time — Cindy