Mommy Letters | To Peyton

Dear Peyton,

You are growing into such a big girl!  And there are so many things about this time, this age, that I don’t want to forget.  I want to remember how smart and brave you are.  I want to remember how funny and loud you are.  I want to remember how you want Mama and Dada to comfort you when you’re hurt and that you love giving kisses, hugs and taking family selfies.

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Golden hour in our backyard

We spend some time outside after dinner most evenings.  One night last week, with the sun setting sooner as fall approaches, we were outside during golden hour and the light was too pretty not to grab a few pictures of my little family.  Because I want to remember so many things about this time in our lives.

I want to remember…

…Peyton looking for every airplane that she hears flying over us.

…Forest’s chuckle when he sees Peyton’s hair standing up after he takes a picture.

…Indie running around the yard with her ball and floppy ears.

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This girl (pictures from July)

I just found these pictures from the beginning of July and I couldn’t let them stay in the folder on my hard drive so here they are!  Peyton loved (and still does) to squish her face against the glass.  I ran out to get the stroller ready for a morning walk on a Saturday and turned around to this little show – there was banging and babbling and squeals and giggles and petting Indie and kisses too!  This girl is our constant source of entertainment.














Until next time — Cindy

Our 2015 family album

It is the middle of August and I’m only now posting about our family album from 2015.  I worked so many months at the beginning of the year to get our annual album together and I finally did, just in time for Mixbook to have a 50% off sale (yay!) and I ordered our album and patiently waited for it to arrive sometime at the end of June.

And here are a few pages (of the nearly 100 pages total. what?!  we had a big year with Peyton being born!):



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Monday night

On Monday night after dinner (in between my attempts to empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher) I decided to follow Peyton around with my camera.  She was all over the place!  I tried to barricade her in the kitchen using a box of diapers, a box of wipes and a few toys so she started with the toys, then moved to her slide, tried to get in the hallway (which I blocked with the gate!), helped me load dishes back into the dishwasher, and she ended back at her slide but mostly so she could play behind the curtains – her new favorite spot in the house!




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Kisses and a Step

I just found this post saved in my drafts from June 12.  I’m not sure why it never posted so I’m sharing it today because these pictures of Peyton and Indie are some of my favorites!

One evening before bed last week Peyton was kissing Indie over and over and over.  Indie did her best to stay away from her attempts but Peyton was very persistent, even going back a second and third time to get a few more, in between her attempts to climb the step from our living room to the hallway.  It almost looks like she’s trying yoga in these pictures!  So cute!  She’s going to figure it out soon, though, I just know it!

Peyton kissing Indie

Peyton kissing Indie

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