March & Me | 2017


loving.  That I’m the obvious winner in our March Madness brackets even though the tournament isn’t over yet.

needing. Filling for a big cushion I’m making in Peyton’s room for a reading corner.

wanting. To get Peyton’s room all decorated and to get all the newborn clothes washed and in the nursery dresser.

writing. Important April dates in my planner.

reading. 2 Samuel as part of reading through the Bible in one year.

watching. Criminal Minds.

listening. I finished listening to the S-Town podcast last week.

wishing. For the rain to stay away!

feeling. A lot of baby kicks and rolls!

craving. A sonic milkshake.

cooking. Fried rice is on the menu for dinner tonight.

eating. A Reese’s peanut butter egg.

drinking. Water.

smelling. Spring rain.

working on. Backing up our pictures.

wearing. leggings, tee, and sweater.


Forest and I have another March Madness bet!

Peyton is moved into her new room!  She transitioned really well (in regards to sleeping in there) and I have a post on the way for an update on the decorating!

I joined the world of fantasy baseball, and the season started Sunday!


  1. Get all of our family pictures backed up online.
  2. Stay up to date with my 2017 photo project.
  3. Keep kitchen island clear of clutter.

Until next time — Cindy

February & Me | 2017


loving.  Getting to meet friend’s babies!

needing. To purchase batting for the baby quilt I’m making for our little girl.

wanting. A nap.  And chocolate cake.

writing. a to-do list, a grocery list, and little bits from the weekend in my planner.

reading. Finishing When the Heart Cries and looking forward to the next book in the series.

watching. Spring training.

listening. Birds chirping outside.

wishing. Warm temps would stick around – I’m ready for Spring!

feeling. Very pregnant recently.

craving. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

cooking. Rice with chicken is on the menu tonight.

eating. Everything in sight.

drinking. Water.

smelling. This is weird but Indie’s flea and tick medicine… It smells so weird and we just put it on her.

working on. Project 52 for 2016 AND 2017.

wearing. sweats.


I just jumped back into blogging after a 2 month hiatus so I never shared the news on here that we’re expecting a baby GIRL in June!


  1. For Peyton to be completely moved into her new room – we have a few to-do’s before we officially move her but I want her to be in her new room by the end of this month.
  2. Finish the quilt I started for our baby girl.
  3. Keep kitchen island clear of clutter.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

December & Me | 2016


Well I’m not sure where I was the whole month of December.  I guess the simple answer is traveling and Christmas-ing.  I’ll make sure to catch up on all of our December happenings ASAP.


loving. talking baby names with Forest.

needing. Peyton to sleep through the night again…

wanting. the end of January to come sooner so we’ll know the gender of baby #2!

writing. This blog post and not much else!

reading. Golden Sun by Pierce Brown (book 2 in the Red Rising trilogy)

watching. Cops.  Recent guilty pleasure…

listening. Kids radio on Pandora

wishing. my mama a happy birthday next week!

feeling. normal.  ha!  The 1st trimester fatigue and nausea have subsided and I’m feeling mostly normal!

craving. Cheeseburger.

cooking. We made pizza quesadillas last night.  And lasagna is on the menu tonight!

eating. trail mix!

drinking. H2O

smelling. rain.

working on. staying on top of editing our personal pictures.  and also catching up on the ones I didn’t get to last year…

wearing. leggings, baggy tee, zip up hoodie.


Forest graduated this month and we traveled to Atlanta to see him walk in the ceremony!  Post coming soon!

Peyton is 18 months and the sweetest girl.  I’m so proud of all she’s learning!

Christmas!  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Christmas at home!  Post coming soon!

A quick trip to Indiana to visit my parents who couldn’t make it out for Christmas like they planned.


  1. Stay up to date on editing personal pictures.
  2. Get birthday cards in the mail so they arrive on time (we have 3 in January)!
  3. Keep kitchen island clear of clutter.
  4. Sleep train Peyton again.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


August & Me | 2016

Our selfie game is on point this week! Standing at the observation deck next to the Olympic ski jumps in Lake Placid. 08.19.2016 #familytime #summer #LakePlacid


loving. watching Peyton confidently walk on her own!

needing. a few more really good summer days at the beach.

wanting. to be more open to serving + hospitality.

writing. our vacation blog post – it should go live tomorrow!!

reading. Outlander.  And re-reading Acts for when home groups starts up again.

watching. Big Brother.  (we recently recorded an ‘After Dark’ and we’re not huge fans.)

listening. baby babbles.  I guess I should say toddler babbles.

wishing. to be more confident to market myself/my photography business.  It’s difficult putting yourself out there.

feeling. excited about family coming this weekend – hi mom, mom-in-law, and sis-in-law!

craving. a bonfire + s’mores.

cooking. nothing special and without a meal plan this week – eek!

eating. the same ole’ things.  I need to find (and actually cook) new recipes to add to our rotation.

drinking. I small coffee with french vanilla creamer.  but only because the baby hasn’t been sleeping well.

smelling. salt water.

working on. lowering our grocery bill [HELP!].

wearing. t-shirt + shorts + comfy sandals + messy bun (most days.  at least when I’m not going into work).

"Cheeeeeese" 08.25.2016 #summer #Peyton


Another volume of Forest Says was blogged.

I finally shared our 2015 family album.

Peyton turned 14 months at the beginning of August.

A starfish story about making a difference.

A few entertaining pictures of Peyton.

A Thoughts on Thursday that was more a life update.

Walking to the house from the car after daycare. 08.26.2016 #Peyton


  1. This is more related to my photography: organize a few fall things to help promote myself/get my name out there/get my business up and running!
  2. I copied this one from last month (which was copied from June!) because it still needs to be done and I have a plan to start tomorrow soon!  Organize our books and sort our papers. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the first step is clothing which we went through and donated 1 HUGE bag of clothing from our dressers and closets in March or April.  The next step is books and papers and I’ve been avoiding this tidying because we have papers everywhere in our house.  I know I’ll feel better and we’ll be more organized after I tackle this task but man…. It’s gonna be a tough one.
  3. Print pictures for my 2016 365 project.  I have the photo album that I’ll be using (it’s similar to what I used for last year’s 52-project) but I have zero pictures printed so far. (copied from July….)
  4. Take Peyton to a local splash pad/park on my days off of work.  With school starting back up they should be less crowded and I think she’ll enjoy these places now that she’s toddling around by herself more.

Until next time — Cindy