Around the house | Summer 2016

We have officially entered fall and even though the temps hover between 75 and 80 degrees most days, I’m beginning to welcome the thought of cooler mornings, a nice breeze coming through open windows in the afternoon, and apple cider!

But before I say goodbye to Summer 2016 forever, I wanted to make sure I document our house at the end of the season.  As I look through these pictures, however, I realize that most of them are Peyton’s little spots around the house OR a few pictures that haven’t changed since we moved into the house.  Nevertheless, I assume Peyton will be playing with {mostly} different toys this time next year (when we’ll have a 2 year old!!) so having this documented to know what toys she enjoys at the moment is perfect for me!

Documenting our spring/summer shelves since I just pulled out the fall decor! 09.20.2016  #bringonthefall

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around the house – February edition

Happy Monday!  And happy leap day!  I hope you’re enjoying the extra day we get this year!

Just a glimpse around (a portion of) our house in February 2016:

Valentine's Day craft


^our new canvas that hides our alarm panel


^a close up of the hinges – this was such a simple DIY!






^playtime on hardwood floors = pillows & blankets everywhere



^baby toys in the most random spots



^101 Dalmatians

Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

365 days

As of today, we have officially owned our home for ONE WHOLE YEAR.  Whoa.  I don’t know where the time went but I feel like we’ve learned so much as home owners.  Things like:

-Forest hates painting now.  Owning our home ruined him of the joy of painting walls.


-I [still] love the smell of freshly cut grass, especially our own.April 2014 Rainbow over house

-You don’t realize how much stuff you have when you have to unpack and find a new home for all of it.

-Home seems different after vacation.  When we walked in after a week-long trip, it seemed plain.  But familiar and comfortable.

-Things break.  Like the dishwasher, the hot water heater, the pool, the screen door. 2014_04_18_1204

-New things are expensive.  Lawn mower, patio furniture, area rugs, chairs.


-The weeds that grow in the flower beds are relentless.

outside3-The flowers that grow in those same flower beds are gorgeous.  And I can’t wait for them to bloom again.


-We can handle the maintenance of a pool.  Even if it was only for 1 summer.wpid-img_20140605_192805.jpg

-We like hosting cookouts.  Beautiful weather + our big deck + our back yard = cookout at the Johnson’s.2014_05_26_14952014_05_26_1490

-We take a reaaaaaally long time to do some projects.  I’m looking at you kitchen shelves and unpainted desk legs.


-Water in the basement isn’t the end of the world.  We’ve learned this on 2 different occasions.  It was scary and completely overwhelming the first time but the second time, not so much.  We just hope it doesn’t happen a third time!  And it’s always the first thing we check if we’ve been away from the house for several days.

-Shoveling snow off of the deck is pretty simple; it glides across the surface like butter!

Snow Day-2/17/15

-The furnace needs the filter changed (we found where it goes) and the sprinklers need blown out before it gets too cold.

-We can put up trellis around the deck so a curious little pup won’t go under there again.  And we can do it in December if we need to.


-The floors will always be dirty and something always needs dusted.

-Sunsets in our neighborhood are spot on.


-The dog will tear open bags of dirt and spread it everywhere.  And she’ll insist on playing in it every time she goes outside.

-Not letting a solar panel salesman into the house to “use a table to just down something down.”  He’ll make himself comfortable at the kitchen island while dinner gets cold.

-The neighbors will hang no less than 10 bird feeders from their tree in the winter so birds congregate in our trees too and it will always sound like spring.

-We do have the perfect spot for a Christmas tree in our small living room.

Christmas decorations

-Dinners in the den with the fireplace on are fun.

VDay 2015

-The dog will chew on the door trim in the hallway.


-Having the laundry in the basement isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

-Having 2 bathrooms is amazing, especially when we have guests.

-We are horrible about putting things back where they belong.  At least once a week we get tired of the clutter and put everything away only to repeat the process the next week.

-We have to lift up a just a little bit to close the nursery door.  It’s so annoying.

-We don’t have nearly enough decorations for every season and/or holiday.  But I also don’t feel the need to buy more…. Yet.


-The easiest way to get rid of wallpaper is to cover it up with bead board.2014_03_30_1059

-The kitchen island is perfect for games of tag.

prints blog series

Mostly we’ve learned that love is what makes a home.  Whether it takes forever to finish a project or just 10 minutes, whether the floors are dirty and things aren’t where they should be, whether we still put the mail on the island instead of the spot next to the door, whether things break, whether we have the money to buy everything right now… we’ve filled our home with a lot of love and memories.  We’ve built things, painted, hosted, brought Indie home, found out we were expecting, announced the gender of our baby, played, fixed things, planned, studied, prayed, cleaned, loved, and made this house our home.  I’m so excited to continue pouring a lot of love into and making a lot more memories in this home.

Until next time — Cindy

Around the house // Autumn 2014

Take a peek around our house since I’ve decorated for fall!  I use decorating very loosely because I only have 1/2 of a tote dedicated to fall/autumn decorations.  But I’ve swapped out the summer/red-white-blue things for lovely orange/yellow/brown touches.

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Around the house-Fall 2014

Since our trip to the pumpkin patch we’ve also added mums & pumpkins on the front porch and small pee-wee pumpkins on the entry table!


Isn’t autumn the best?

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore