Sloane | two months

I blinked and Sloane is now 2 months old.  I don’t know how it happens!  How do they grow so much in just 4 weeks?!

20170711-5 weeks

^5 weeks

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Pregnancy #2 Update

I haven’t posted a single update for this pregnancy and I feel really bad.  Not necessarily for any of you readers but mostly for our little one!  Who knows how long I’ll continue to blog but I don’t want this little baby to feel neglected when she reads through my blog to see several updates throughout Peyton’s pregnancy but only one – at 32 weeks! – of her pregnancy.  So this might be a lengthy post but stick with it!  If you’re interested. :)

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Finished Quilt | From Gramma’s fabric

I came home from Indiana with my mom’s sewing machine and a bolt of Winnie the Pooh fabric at the beginning of February.  I spent a few hours one Saturday afternoon picking fabric to coordinate with the Winnie the Pooh fabric and started my journey to make a quilt for our baby girl coming in June.




I used this cute hipster baby quilt as my inspiration.  I like the more modern look with the large rectangles of fabric and the simple stitching.

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Thoughts on Thursday | 03.23.2017

Why is it only Thursday?  This week hasn’t been exceptionally busy for us but I feel like it should already be Friday!

A few thoughts for your Thursday, though, as we wait for the weekend:

This first one is two-fold, courtesy of Forest.  First, Yuengling doesn’t just make beer.  They also make ice cream.  And they have a BUTTERBEER flavor!  Which won’t mean very much unless you’re a Harry Potter fan.  They only sell it in select stores so I made a trip to one of those stores last night after dinner.  I did find Yuengling ice cream but they didn’t have butterbeer…. I picked up the peanut butter cup and cherry vanilla chunk and we’ll see how they are!

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