Vacay | Charlottesville, VA + Baltimore Oriole’s game

Thursday after work last week we packed up the car, dropped Indie off at the vet for boarding (saddest moments for us as fur-parents but Forest said Indie trotted off with the guy like it was the best day ever and didn’t even look back to see if Forest was following!) and headed off to visit our friend Rachele in Charlottesville, VA for the weekend.

Peyton ate dinner on the road (a puree pouch + puffs), we stopped at 7:30 pm (her normal time to nurse and head to bed) and we got to Rachele’s around 12:30 am.  Our plan was to pop open the pack-n-play and transfer a SLEEPING Peyton from the car seat to the pack-n-play.  Well we all know what happens when you plan for easy transitions like that!  Peyton was wide awake when Forest tried to transfer her and all of my attempts to rock her back to sleep were thwarted until she FINALLY gave in around 3:00 am.

Friday morning we were all up and, after Forest made a yummy waffle breakfast, we headed to a peach orchard/strawberry field to pick strawberries.  Fresh strawberries taste much better than grocery store strawberries, by the way.  Forest picked up a jar of peach butter for us to bring home.



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