A weekend with friends + Peyton has a new bestie!

Two weekends ago we had friends visiting from IN.  It was a visit that I had been looking forward to because it would be our first time meeting little Aiden!  He’s 8 months old and pretty solid (I think he weighs as much if not more than Peyton who is 4 months older) but he has the absolute best smile, the quietest voice and the sweetest giggle.  And we were asked at least two different times if Peyton and Aiden were twins.  Adorable!

So on Friday we spent the day in Philly.  We did lunch at Campo’s for pretty amazing Philly cheesesteaks (and it’s just a few blocks from the Liberty Bell!) and took some pictures in front of Independence Hall.  We saw the Liberty Bell up close, walked by Independence Hall and found a shaded spot on the lawn next to the Liberty Bell.  Peyton and Aiden spent some time out of the strollers stretching their legs and hugging trees.




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First beach day

We had our first beach day over the weekend!  Beach hours might be a better description but we were there!  the sun was shining!  our toes were in the sand!  and it was Peyton’s first trip!

One of our favorite spots is Sandy Hook – it’s easy to get to from our house and I’m a huge fan of the paved  paths for walking and biking, the history (lighthouse + Fort Hancock), the view of NY, and the numerous beach access points.  AND that dogs are allowed on the bay side of the peninsula.

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