It’s a big day!

Today is a big day!  July 19, 2016 is the last day I’ll come into work as a full-time employee!

 I’m shifting titles!

from employee to mommy (and wife[y]),

from 8-5 to small business owner and homemaker,

from accountant to photographer.

I’m transitioning out of my day job as an accountant to be a stay at home mom/wife/homemaker and a small business owner at Captured by Cindy Photography!  I am so thankful for the 3 years that I’ve been working at my current company.  I’ve created several great working relationships and friendships within the finance department!  However, there are reorganizations happening throughout the company (not just our department) and, although my position is not in jeopardy of being eliminated, my work load would probably increase and Forest and I agreed that my time would be better spent at home.  So while I am a little sad to be leaving, my excitement for what’s to come is so much more!

I talk Forest’s ear off with the ideas and possibilities I have of focusing more time on my photography and I’m really looking forward to implementing those ideas and really putting myself out there to grow my business!  I’ll have more time for marketing, advertising, partnerships, and setting up fun sessions for clients!  I have 2 weddings that I’m photographing this month so maybe I’ll take on more weddings!  I don’t know how this business will grow but having the time to focus on doing just that is so exciting!

I used to spend my lunch hour hanging out with Peyton at daycare (for the first 8 months back from maternity leave)!  The daycare teachers and staff didn’t mind but spending 45 minutes with Peyton during the day was good for (I think) both of us!  Her schedule has changed and she now naps during my lunch hour so I don’t get to visit anymore.  We do think daycare has been really good for Peyton – she is a social butterfly for sure and it’s suited her well!  Because of this, we have several ideas of how she can still get interaction with other kids on a regular basis (hello story time at the public library + mommy groups at church + play dates with friends we haven’t seen in a really long time!).  We definitely won’t be missing the waves of colds that she came home with this fall and winter though – keep those germs away, please!

We would like to grow our family as well!  [no mom’s, we’re not pregnant :)]  While I’m looking forward to being at home with Peyton more often, I hope we are able to add another (or a few) little one(s) to our clan.  We know that’s all in God’s timing but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about as well!

This decision wasn’t just mine.  It was Forest’s as well.  We’ve been praying about it for months and we both feel like the time is right, that God has opened doors for us, He’s pushing and pulling us in directions that we wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago but here we are!  We’re trusting in Him and we’re so thankful for these opportunities.

I know there are soooo many mommy’s out there that wish they could be at home with their babies all day – I know it’s difficult!  I know how juggling everything and wearing close to 5 (or more!) hats at one time is exhausting but know that your babies look up to you whether you’re at home or you’re at work.  They see how hard you work and they feel all of your love!  Be the best example you can in whatever situation you find yourself, mama!

And I’ll leave you with an excerpt from this post (I love Ashley’s blog so very much!  I think I found her blog looking for photography tips but I check in with her every week to see what she has to share – so good!)

“The one place I do want to build a name for myself, so to speak, is inside the walls of my home….among the 5 people I share it with. I’ve got 4 little ones calling me “Mommy”…that is a name I want to work on building. If anyone thinks I am awesome…I want it to be my family.  I’ll take their construction paper flowers with jedi lightsabers over any online ranking. I want to rank high with them. I’ve only got a handful of years to do this role right. I don’t get a second chance. When they graduate, I won’t be given an option for a ‘do-over’. This go-around is all I got.  When the day closes…and computers are shutting down…they are the ones wrapping little arms around my neck and giving me ‘one more’ kiss goodnight.

“Mommy”…it is a name worth building.”

Until next time — Cindy

I want to remember

It’s occurred to me lately that maybe the smallest life moments are the ones I want to preserve the most.  Because down the road, I’ll probably remember the big life moments! it’ll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things.  And I’ve already captured those moments with the camera and shared those times on the blog.  Of course I will have my camera with me for capturing all of the big, fun, spectacular things!  But it’s so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine…

but it all changes so quickly!

We’ve had a rough week, our little family, and sleep has been hard to come by.  Last week I was down for the 24-hour count.   Thankfully it was only 24 hours.  And Forest (what a guy, that one) he’s seriously the best!  He was able to stay home to take care of me + Peyton (he didn’t want to drive her all the way to daycare so everyone stayed home with sick mommy!)  And while I felt terrible, I got to enjoy baby cuddles while we napped – the best way to spend any day!

I had 2 vacation days that followed my sick-day and they were the best!  Getting to spend all of my time with my baby girl!  I was able to have dinner on the table and clean the house and have a play date (Peyton got to enjoy the swings for the first time!) and it was the most perfect two days followed by an equally perfect weekend of a Lowe’s trip and baby nap-cuddles and church and the beach!

And then Monday morning hit and we were back at the grind.  But then Monday afternoon hit and daycare called to say that Peyton had a fever and my heart sank.  She has an ear infection and hasn’t slept well the past couple days.  She wants to be held and her fever has been so high and I’ve spent countless hours praying that her fever would break and her infection would be healed.  We did a 2 am bath in the middle of the night to help cool her down.  Peyton ended up sleeping in bed with me and Forest slept on the couch (with Indie).  Very little sleep, very heavy heart, so much guilt for being at work (hello year-end!!) when I’d much rather be cuddling her until she’s feeling better.  But Forest (again, that guy is something else) was able to work from one day and he told me all was well.

And trying to juggle taking care of Peyton and ourselves with working has not been easy.  Not at all.  I’m not complaining because we figured it out.  We (thankfully!) have bosses that understand having a baby and we can both work from home if we need to but I will forever and always give props to all the working parents out there.  It’s tough and exhausting and thank goodness we get the weekends to sleep in and recuperate!

This last week has been tough, yes (and Peyton still isn’t 100% herself. She doesn’t have her normal appetite back and she’s not sleeping through the night yet. I hope those things will return to normal soon, I just hate seeing my baby hurting!) BUT I am so thankful that we have them.  That we have Peyton!  That we have each other to lean on encourage and cuddle!  And!  Despite the sickness and not feeling well, Peyton still manages to laugh for no reason, plays her new favorite game of “Where’s Indie?!” as she peers over the back of the couch, races around the kitchen in the walker (pulling open drawers and chasing Indie as she goes), and gives us all the kisses!

Sour, sweet, sour, sweet.  That’s been our week but hopefully the really sour stuff is behind us for awhile because this little family is ready to stay healthy for maaaaaaany weeks!

Until next time — Cindy


Just stopping in to share some pictures (that I finally got off of the camera) from the past couple months.  Mostly of Peyton because she’s the most precious thing ever, in my non-biased opinion. : )

// halloween \\




// snuggles \\



// decorating a turkey feather for daycare \\




// trying cereal for the first time \\

Peyton's first cereal experience

Peyton's first cereal experience

Peyton's first cereal experience

Peyton's first cereal experience

// studying with daddy + reading with mommy \\

studying w/ daddy


// forest’s 27th birthday \\

Forest's 27th birthday

Forest's 27th birthday


// hanging out early on a saturday morning \\

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

chatting + toes

// helping daddy with work stuff \\



Until next time (which will be as soon as I get a few more pictures off my camera because I’ve been working on a Christmas post!) — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

September in [daily] pictures

Continuing on my 365 photo project, >>the bethadilly challenge<<.

243 | 365 Everything I need to leave the house these days.  supplies 

243_9.1.15 supplies

244 | 365 Shadows of the mobile on the swing.

244_9.2.15 shadows

246 | 365 I’ve been reading in here in the evenings now that we have our new chairsnew beginnings.

246_9.4.15 new beginnings

247 | 365 Sometimes you’ll find me in here during the day while Peyton naps with a book cracked open.

247_9.5.15 open

248 | 365 A typical night for us, hanging out after dinner. posed.

248_9.6.15 posed

249 | 365 Family time is my favorite time.  i care about this.

249_9.7.15 i care about this

250 | 365 A pile of flowers, ready to be boxed away until the spring.

250_9.8.15 a pile

251 | 365 Afternoon thunderstorm rolling through.  starts with a.

251_9.9.15 starts with a

252 | 365 When the baby falls asleep in the backseat as you pull into the driveway.

252_9.10.15 solo

253 | 365 Remembering our time at the Creation Museum when we visited in March.  We got this onesie for Peyton and she can finally wear it!

253_9.11.15 remember

255 | 365 where i sleep.

255_9.13.15 where i sleep

256 | 365 Changed up the kitchen shelves today.  variety.

256_9.14.15 variety

257 | 365 Morning coffee + the sound of sweet baby babbling. i did this.

257_9.15.15 i did this

258 | 365 Found this pretty little box sitting outside my front door – my new camera bag arrived!

258_9.16.15 sit

259 | 365 my birthday!  my style.

259_9.17.15 my style

261 | 365 love these baby toes.  and the strong arms that hold them.

261_9.19.15 love

262 | 365 I got a couple inches chopped off – it was way overdue.

262_9.20.15 chopped

263 | 365 Me and my girl.

263_9.21.15 me

264 | 365 I spent my afternoon doing laundry – I don’t mind when most of them are these adorable baby clothes.

264_9.22.15 my afternoon

265 | 365 Puffy clouds + bright blue sky = my kind of view during my morning walk.  pullback.

265_9.23.15 pullback

266 | 365 Toes. less is more.

266_9.24.2015 less is more

267 | 365 My first photo session today! high.

267_9.25.15 high

268 | 365 My husband cooks a mean brinner.  I love him for that (and so much more)! whatever.

268_9.26.15 whatever

269 | 365 Working on the tummy time. cotton.

269_9.27.15 cotton

270 | 365 “Stop rushing to get the to-do list done because it never does.  The kids do.”  life lesson. (I wrote a little more about this here.)

270_9.28.15 life lesson

271 | 365 cooking utensil.

271_9.29.15 cooking utensil

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

August in [daily] pictures

I recently found a blog that hosts a 365 photography project called  >>the bethadilly challenge<<I started a my own 52 project that I’ve been sharing as I make my album.  I was intimidated by taking out my camera everyday so I only committed to once a week.  I also didn’t have any structure or prompts to work from which is why I like the >>the bethadilly challenge<<.  She provides the daily prompts so I don’t have to stress about being creative in that sense, I can be creative with my subject and interpretation of the prompt for the day.  It might be that I’m constantly taking pictures of our adorable baby girl or the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having recently but I’m itching to get more creative with my photography so I’m starting  >>the bethadilly challenge<< right in the middle.  Well, I started on August 1st [day 212 of 365] but you get the point.

212 | 365 Enjoying a Saturday morning being lazy in bed.

day 212 aug 1 lazy

213 | 365 Dots.

day 213 aug 2 dots

215 | 365 Being her mommy humbles me.

215_8.4.15 humbles me

216 | 365 She likes to play this game everyday, even with a cone on her head.

216_8.5.15 a game

217 | 365 AM sunshine coming through the nursery window. (repetitive)

217_8.6.15 repetative

218 | 365 My everyday – Continuing to read through the Bible in the mornings.

218_8.7.15 my everyday

219 | 365 Home.

219_8.8.15 home

220 | 365 Suds. (Starts with s)

220_8.9.15 starts with s

221 | 365 The carrier has a powerful ability to make her fall asleep.

221_8.10.15 powerful

222 | 365 She likes to follow me around the house.  (Leading lines)

222_8.11.15 leading lines

223 | 365 A tall glass of ice water after a morning walk.  (frozen)

223_8.12.15 frozen

224 | 365 Mailing (and receiving) bills is almost a daily task these days.

224_8.13.15 daily task

225 | 365 The sunset & American flag – a beautiful summer evening.  (reflection)

225_8.14.15 reflection

226 | 365 Flowers in our garden that we planted in the spring. (artistic)

226_08.15.15 artistic

227 | 365 Peyton sleeping on her Daddy.  The prompt for today said silly but I captured this sweet moment instead.

227_08.16.15 silly

228 | 365 Spin.

228_08.17.15 spin

229 | 365 A goal for today: run a little bit faster, go a little bit farther.

229_08.18.15 a goal

230 | 365  Four tomatoes – we made salsa from the bags of tomatoes our neighbors gave us.

230_08.19.15 four

231 | 365  Peyton might be pale but her facial expressions are spot on (and completely adorable)!

231_08.20.15 pale

232 | 365  My guilty pleasure is this frozen yogurt.  It’s seriously the best.

232_08.21.15 guilty pleasure

233 | 365  Rule of thirds.

233_08.22.15 rule of thirds

234 | 365  Selfie (plus Forest & Peyton in the background).

234_08.23.15 selfie

235 | 365  What I’m doing – working on my Project 52 album and baby books.

235_08.24.15 what I'm doing today

236 | 365  The inside of Indie’s treat bag.

236_08.25.15 inside

237 | 365  Almost any picture of these 2 together is a candid shot.  We’ve been enjoying our time outside as much as possible these days.

237_08.26.15 candid

238 | 365  Dinner tonight – YUM.

238_08.27.15 yum

239 | 365  I love spending my days with these 2 crazies (natural light).

239_08.28.15 natural light

240 | 365 Little owls poking out from in between the crib.

240_08.29.15 in between

241 | 365 Today’s prompt was water but when I got this shot of Indie sunbathing only her head in the sun, I called it a day.

241_08.30.15 Indie sleeping (water)

242 | 365 Daddy rocking her to sleep for a nap. (Blue)

242_08.31.15 blue

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

Forest’s First Father’s Day

We got to celebrate Father’s Day for Forest this year!  We didn’t do anything extravagant by any means but I thought I would share how we spoiled Forest for his first Father’s Day.

We started with breakfast in bed.  I made breakfast for us while Forest slept in a little bit.  Indie was already cuddling with him in bed so I put Peyton up there with them too.  It was the sweetest thing even though Indie and Peyton snoozed the whole time.

Next was his gift and cards from all 3 of us.  I got him Jimmy Fallon’s “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada” book and carry-out from the restaurant of his choice.  Peyton and Indie got him cards as well – they were extremely cute, if I do say so myself.  We did a cute craft as a gift for Forest as well.


We spent most of the day lounging around.  Forest took Peyton outside to see the grass growing in the backyard from where the pool used to be.  And we went on a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.  We facetimed with my family during lunch and his parents after our walk.

Father's Day 2015

Father's Day 2015

Forest chose Applebee’s for dinner so we ordered online and I ran out to get it for us.  He’s been drooling over the commercials with their new sandwiches so it was an obvious choice and very delicious.  I’m pretty sure we watched tv for a little bit before it was time to feed Peyton and get her to bed.

Father's Day 2015

Father's Day 2015

Like I said, nothing extravagant but I hope Forest knows how much we love and appreciate him.  I’ve loved watching him become a daddy – he’s seriously the best man.

Until next time — Cindy

*all images are original to A View from the Shore