All the FALL things

We had such a fun time picking apples and pumpkins this year.  When we find a place we like we tend to stick with them year after year so it’s no surprise that we decided on Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ for our apples and Cheesequake Farms in Old Bridge, NJ for our pumpkins.

Peyton had so much fun picking apples this year.  She was running up and down the rows of trees and begging for another bite of apple.  She wasn’t the biggest fan of picking the apples herself but she most definitely enjoyed eating them!  Sloane fell asleep facing forward in the carrier just as we were paying, I couldn’t believe it but I guess when you’re tired, you’re tired! Forest made homemade apple cider later in the week with the apples we picked and it was absolutely delicious.  He did a great job!

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Progress Report | Peyton’s Big Girl Room

We moved Peyton out of the nursery at the end of March.  She’s now in what was the guest room but is now her big girl room!  It’s bigger than the nursery – more room for her toys and playing! – and it’s farther away from our room – which makes no difference, really, because I think our walls are made of paper.

I was completely against the idea of moving Peyton at first.  We decorated that room for her and I didn’t want to take it away from her.  But the idea of having a baby in a bigger room didn’t make sense.  So I agreed it would be best to move her.  I was nervous she wouldn’t transition well (I was dreading multiple middle of the night wake ups) but she didn’t have a single problem.

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Thoughts on Thursday | 04.06.2017

Indie had a 6-week post-surgery check-up at the vet on Friday and the doctor gave us the go-ahead on physical therapy – short 10-15 minute walks that gradually increase in length as the week progresses.  Her walks started the next day and so did my shin splints.  Ouch.  They were better today during her walk after dinner, thank goodness, but shin splints are no joke!

We had a guest speaker at church on Sunday, Daniel Fusco.  He actually grew up in the Old Bridge, NJ area and is a 3x church planter currently living outside of Portland, OR.  He mentioned his book, Honestly: Getting Real about Jesus and Our Messy Lives, and I’m very interested in reading it.

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Finished Quilt | From Gramma’s fabric

I came home from Indiana with my mom’s sewing machine and a bolt of Winnie the Pooh fabric at the beginning of February.  I spent a few hours one Saturday afternoon picking fabric to coordinate with the Winnie the Pooh fabric and started my journey to make a quilt for our baby girl coming in June.




I used this cute hipster baby quilt as my inspiration.  I like the more modern look with the large rectangles of fabric and the simple stitching.

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Our 2015 family album

It is the middle of August and I’m only now posting about our family album from 2015.  I worked so many months at the beginning of the year to get our annual album together and I finally did, just in time for Mixbook to have a 50% off sale (yay!) and I ordered our album and patiently waited for it to arrive sometime at the end of June.

And here are a few pages (of the nearly 100 pages total. what?!  we had a big year with Peyton being born!):



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Thoughts on Thursday – 8.11.2016

It depends on what part of the country you live in so back-to-school is either in FULL swing or is just around the corner.  A few back-to-school tips for the new school year.

An adorable DIY countdown calendar (with free printables!!).

Peyton has a few bookshelves on a wall in her room but those 3 small shelves only hold a small number of books.  We have them tucked by the rocking chair, crammed into a storage drawer in her closet, a few in our room, and a few more scattered throughout the house (you never know when the reading-bug will bite!) – Cute and clever book storage/display ideas. (We might be on the verge of needing the Newsstand-Style Corner Display Rack but I wouldn’t mind, I think it’s adorable!!)

I got the new Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, for those of you either 1. living under a rock or 2. non-Harry Potter fans) (also, only $16.99 at Costco!) and it’s been sitting on my nightstand since Saturday because I have a library book due back soon and I’m trying to get it finished (ha!).  But just know that’s it’s practically torture seeing this HP book every day and not reading it!  It will be going on vacation with us though and I’m pretty determined to read the whole book.

Sure it’s only August and no one not many people have a countdown to Christmas yet BUT, here’s a cute idea for turning your race medals into tree ornaments.  You know, for all of you over-achievers who run races and get medals for doing it. :)

Embarrassing story for your Thursday!  I wore a skirt to work yesterday and my biggest fear happened.  I thought I checked to make sure my skirt wasn’t tucked into my undies after I used the bathroom but I was washing my hands and someone walked in (thankfully someone I knew who was willing to let me know!) and said “Cindy!  Your skirt!” and I quickly un-tucked it and went about my day.  I would have been absolutely MORTIFIED if I had walked out of the bathroom like that!  I would have died, I’m almost sure of it.  And needless to say, every time I used the bathroom after that I made sure to I checked no less than 9 times that my skirt was covering all of the necessary areas.

Have a wonderful Thursday and an amazing weekend, friends!

Until next time — Cindy