Family Pictures | in our own backyard

We did family pictures in our own backyard this year.  Both girls were sick, it was cold outside and it just didn’t seem worth the effort to load everyone in the car to drive to a pretty park when our own backyard had a few colorful leaves and our favorite spots to sit.  As I was picking my favorite ones I realized we didn’t any of just the girls together and we didn’t get any of just me and Forest.  But the ones we did get are precious and I can’t wait to get some printed for our walls and add them to our Christmas card.

These are a few of my favorites.  And if you scroll far enough you’ll get to see a few outtakes!











We took these pictures on our 6th wedding anniversary so we got a few pictures of our annual picture, holding the frame with the picture from the year before.



And the outtakes.  Because pictures with a 2.5 year old and 5 month old are super easy (said no one ever).



^neither one wanted to look but I might still kinda like this one



And there you have it.  A handful of family photos for us to cherish forever and hang on our walls.  Maybe next year the kids won’t be sick, we’ll take them when it’s a little warmer and we’ll take them at a pretty park. Or maybe we’ll take them in our backyard again and I’ll hang them on our walls and treasure them just the same.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


End-of-Summer Vacation | Indiana 2017

This will mostly be pictures but we completely enjoyed our time in Indiana.  We treated it like a vacation even though we were staying with/visiting family.

Our mission was family time and fun and we absolutely accomplished both!

We went to the fly-in cruise-in, met our friend’s new baby, went to the zoo, celebrated an early birthday for my sister-in-law’s 30th, ate at our favorite restaurants, had a yummy cookout, and played at the park.

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Family Pictures | October 2016

We’ve made it a tradition to do our family pictures the weekend of Halloween.  Last year’s pictures were taken ON Halloween and this year it was a few days before.  We found a cute little area at a local park with several different background options.  I’m ‘always worried we’ll never get good ones and this year it was tough getting Peyton to smile because she would obviously rather be running around and exploring.  But we knew going in to expect that and we made the best of it!

I have too many favorites but here are a few  10,000 of my most favorite!

Family pictures - Oct 2016

Family pictures - Oct 2016

Family pictures - Oct 2016

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family pictures

We did our own family pictures the weekend after Peyton’s 1st birthday.  (just like we took our own maternity pictures last year!!)  I want to make sure we pictures of our family (especially the current baby and future babies) in every stage of life!  I take plenty of pictures on my phone and even with the real camera (working on a 365 project!!) but I want to have ‘formal’ family pictures as well – even if the baby is on the brink of a meltdown while we’re taking them.

//Super shout out to Forest and his patience.  I usually have a vision for our pictures but don’t always explain them perfectly but he’s a trooper and pretty good at capturing special moments.\\

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

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Peyton’s 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Peyton’s 1st birthday on Saturday June 4.

It was hot and sunny and we were all huddled in the shade but we had so much fun celebrating our little girl on her first birthday!

We had both sets of grandparents, Aunt Amanda, and cousin Chansler all here to help us decorate and celebrate!  Plus many of our closest friends came over!

We made sure we measured Peyton on her measuring stick (one of her Christmas gifts from us!) first thing in the morning.

Peyton's 1st birthday party

We spent all of Saturday morning decorating outside and preparing the food that we couldn’t/didn’t the night before and icing the smash cake and cupcakes.

Peyton's 1st birthday party

Peyton's 1st birthday party

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Indiana Christmas Vacation

We spent the last week of 2015 in Indiana – visiting, meeting, hugging, relaxing, Christmas-ing, and surprise party-ing.

We started our 2-day journey the day after Christmas.  We drove 6 hours from our house to the Pennsylvania/Ohio line and unloaded all the bags and things we would need (in the pouring rain…).  Peyton and Indie both did really good overnight.  Peyton might have fussed once in the middle of the night and Indie only growled at a noise once or twice.




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