Friday Evening

So I missed posting a Thoughts on Thursday yesterday.  I’ll go ahead and be honest and let you know that I took a nap while Peyton napped instead of typing a post.  Trust me – it was very needed.

So here I sit on a Friday evening.  We just laid Peyton down for bed and Forest is in the basement painting and grouting tile so he can install baseboards tomorrow and be D.O.N.E. [except for dusting everything and putting it all back in place which we’ll do tomorrow and he said his basement will be done for Mother’s Day – how sweet. ;)].

So here are a few thoughts from my week:

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Friday Rambling

I went for my follow-up appointment for my 2nd trimester ultrasound so baby girl could finished getting her measurements.  After what felt like hours and a different dr that asked 1 million worrying questions, baby girl was good to go!  Everything on the ultrasound/sonogram looked good!

I had to get my windshield replaced Tuesday.  I noticed a small crack on the passenger side over the weekend and Monday morning I watched it race across the whole windshield.  I had to take a longer lunch to take my car in on Tuesday but they got it replaced in an hour and I was on my way.

I left work early on Monday afternoon because it was snowing pretty hard and accumulating fast.  Plus it had rained all morning and the temperatures were dropping quickly.  So I bundled up, packed up my work stuff, and headed out the door at 3 pm.  A commute that normally takes me 40-45 minutes took me 2 hours and 45 minutes.  It took me nearly 3 hours to get home!  It was insane!

Our home group started this week.  We’re studying through Mark, learning about how Jesus was a servant and how we can follow his example in our lives.  So refreshing to start another session!

I loved chatting with our friend, Rachele, who just moved to VA.  FaceTime is amazing, am I right?

We went to a newly-wed friend’s house for dinner and hanging out Wednesday night.

We have NO idea what we’re doing for Valentine ’s Day this year.

Indie started chewing/eating the trim around one of the doors in the hallway.  We put up baby gates a month or two ago so she has free reign of the hallway while we’re at work.  We noticed she was scratching the floor in some places, nothing major but noticeable to me.  And yesterday she started with the trim.  She has chew toys in the hallway with her but I guess she gets bored….?  Maybe we’ll have to find better toys for her to keep her occupied longer.

Speaking of Indie, girlfriend cracks me up.  She loooooves snow.  She was running around like a fool while Forest was shoveling a path on the deck last week.  Snow is her favorite.  We haven’t had fresh snow in a while, it’s all packed down and frozen, so she’s found a new love – ICE CLUMPS!  Last night while we were eating dinner, we saw her pushing clumps of ice around the deck.  She brought one in with her and ate the whole thing like an after-dinner snack.

Oh, (because of course you want to read all about the funny things our pup does) and she started a new thing this week.  When I leave for work in the morning, she jumps up to watch me leave from the kitchen window.  Forest left early this morning for his men’s Bible study and she did the same thing to him.  As soon as the car was out of sight, she hopped down and went about her morning.  Adorable.

I’m starting to feel flutters!!! Finally!  I’ve been waiting so long!  Yesterday morning as I was driving into work I felt several flutters a few seconds apart.  And this morning, as I was sitting at my desk at work, I felt two noticeable kicks/punches.  Eek!

We got our 2014 family photo book in the mail!  I’ll have to take pictures and share a few of my favorites!

Speaking of pictures, I started my 52 project album.  It’s so simple but looks gorgeous.  I’ll share more soon!

My great-aunt sent a package in the mail that we received yesterday.  We weren’t expecting it but it’s the cutest things – a comforter and pillow for the crib and the sweetest little, handmade bonnet.  She sent a poem with it, written to the baby, that says baby wears the bonnet home from the hospital, the bonnet gets neatly tucked away for safe keeping, and on her wedding day we’ll give her the bonnet as her ‘something old’.  Aww…

More exciting news!  We should be done paying off my student loans at the end of this year!  My student loans were nearly double of Forest’s.  We’ve been paying double the monthly minimum, with a couple bigger payments, and at the end of this year it should be gone!

We’ll be replacing that monthly payment with another one.  It’s finally time to buy a new vehicle.  Forest’s car (her name is Toothless) is passed her prime so we’ll be upgrading to an SUV.  You know, to haul around our baby and all that comes with her.

Until next time — Cindy