Peyton Said It

So I had a good run of Forest Says for a few years.  And he still says funny stuff all.the.time (both intentionally and unintentionally!) but I’ve stopped keeping a record of as many.  Instead, I’ve have a note on my phone that I keep a running list of all the funny things Peyton says or does.  She is her father’s daughter after all!


Talking about when Gigi and DohDoh would be here to visit:

Peyton: bath… n… night night… n.. wake up… n…. doh doh!!!

A few days after we had a movie night with popcorn and watched Rock Dog when and I took a picture of all of us sitting on the couch together with the camera sitting on the tv stand:

Peyton: *sat down in front of the couch with tino,  a giant stuffed teddy bear* cheeeese!

*got up to check her “camera” sitting on the tv stand.

Mama: was it a good one, Peyton?

Peyton: mmhmmmm….

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Forest Says – Vol. 15

Last week was a long week and I totally skipped out on posting a thoughts on thursday but here were are with another volume of Forest Says for your Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was marvelous.  I know hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc on part of the country to so we’ve been praying that things are ok, as much as they can be.



During a Jillian Michaels’ workout

JM: you want to wear those strapless dresses, don’t you?!

Forest: yeah!!


F:  Man…. I have a knot in my shoulder.

C:  Why?

F:  Because I’m just so strong.  That’s what happens when you’re as strong as me.  Muscles just do whatever they want.


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This girl (pictures from July)

I just found these pictures from the beginning of July and I couldn’t let them stay in the folder on my hard drive so here they are!  Peyton loved (and still does) to squish her face against the glass.  I ran out to get the stroller ready for a morning walk on a Saturday and turned around to this little show – there was banging and babbling and squeals and giggles and petting Indie and kisses too!  This girl is our constant source of entertainment.














Until next time — Cindy

Thoughts on Thursday – 8.11.2016

It depends on what part of the country you live in so back-to-school is either in FULL swing or is just around the corner.  A few back-to-school tips for the new school year.

An adorable DIY countdown calendar (with free printables!!).

Peyton has a few bookshelves on a wall in her room but those 3 small shelves only hold a small number of books.  We have them tucked by the rocking chair, crammed into a storage drawer in her closet, a few in our room, and a few more scattered throughout the house (you never know when the reading-bug will bite!) – Cute and clever book storage/display ideas. (We might be on the verge of needing the Newsstand-Style Corner Display Rack but I wouldn’t mind, I think it’s adorable!!)

I got the new Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, for those of you either 1. living under a rock or 2. non-Harry Potter fans) (also, only $16.99 at Costco!) and it’s been sitting on my nightstand since Saturday because I have a library book due back soon and I’m trying to get it finished (ha!).  But just know that’s it’s practically torture seeing this HP book every day and not reading it!  It will be going on vacation with us though and I’m pretty determined to read the whole book.

Sure it’s only August and no one not many people have a countdown to Christmas yet BUT, here’s a cute idea for turning your race medals into tree ornaments.  You know, for all of you over-achievers who run races and get medals for doing it. :)

Embarrassing story for your Thursday!  I wore a skirt to work yesterday and my biggest fear happened.  I thought I checked to make sure my skirt wasn’t tucked into my undies after I used the bathroom but I was washing my hands and someone walked in (thankfully someone I knew who was willing to let me know!) and said “Cindy!  Your skirt!” and I quickly un-tucked it and went about my day.  I would have been absolutely MORTIFIED if I had walked out of the bathroom like that!  I would have died, I’m almost sure of it.  And needless to say, every time I used the bathroom after that I made sure to I checked no less than 9 times that my skirt was covering all of the necessary areas.

Have a wonderful Thursday and an amazing weekend, friends!

Until next time — Cindy

Forest Says – Vol. 14

Oh my goodness it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Forest Says!  And I’m sad to say that I have been terrible about writing down his witty comebacks and one-liners recently.  I do still have a few though so here goes another volume of Forest Says!!


Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Peyton one Saturday morning

Minnie Mouse on tv:  I wish that we can all be friends forever and ever!

F:  That’s a stupid wish, Minnie.  It’ll never work.


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Thoughts on Thursday – 5.12.2016

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

I feel like I need to meal plan Peyton’s foods so she can get a good mix of her favorites PLUS introduce new foods.  She’s currently still eating puree + some finger foods for lunch and dinner.  We’d like to phase out the purees but I don’t know that she’s tried enough table foods to make a whole meal.  I found this list of good meal ideas to get me started.

I got my hair cut Saturday morning.  It was loooooong overdue and I feel like a completely different person!

Scenes from my first Mother’s Day.

I painted my toes last night which, for me, means the weather is nearing temperatures warm enough that I’ll consider open-toe footwear.  Yay!!

Some pregnancy-related humor. [no, mom.  I’m not pregnant.]

I made these DIY Best of My Days craft for the women in my family for Christmas.  And I made an extra one for myself (because once you’re on a roll cutting out every month you might as well do one more!) and I’ve been filling it in every day.  I just looked back at the first few months of 2016 and realized that this is going to be so fun to look back at in a few years, in 10 years, in 15 years!  I’ll make sure to keep doing these every year and keep them in a cute box on our library shelves to look back at regularly!

Until next time — Cindy