Thoughts on Thursday | 05.18.2017

I’m currently backing up all of the videos on my iPhone to the computer so I can free up some space.  Instagram stories definitely makes this job A LOT more difficult because I am constantly recording little snippets of our everyday.

We had a play date at a friend’s house Wednesday morning.  It’s the sweetest thing having friends with kids the same age as Peyton and knowing they’ll get to grow up together!

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Friday Evening

So I missed posting a Thoughts on Thursday yesterday.  I’ll go ahead and be honest and let you know that I took a nap while Peyton napped instead of typing a post.  Trust me – it was very needed.

So here I sit on a Friday evening.  We just laid Peyton down for bed and Forest is in the basement painting and grouting tile so he can install baseboards tomorrow and be D.O.N.E. [except for dusting everything and putting it all back in place which we’ll do tomorrow and he said his basement will be done for Mother’s Day – how sweet. ;)].

So here are a few thoughts from my week:

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Progress Report | Peyton’s Big Girl Room

We moved Peyton out of the nursery at the end of March.  She’s now in what was the guest room but is now her big girl room!  It’s bigger than the nursery – more room for her toys and playing! – and it’s farther away from our room – which makes no difference, really, because I think our walls are made of paper.

I was completely against the idea of moving Peyton at first.  We decorated that room for her and I didn’t want to take it away from her.  But the idea of having a baby in a bigger room didn’t make sense.  So I agreed it would be best to move her.  I was nervous she wouldn’t transition well (I was dreading multiple middle of the night wake ups) but she didn’t have a single problem.

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Thoughts on Thursday – 4.07.2016


Sometime last week Forest told me I had already won our March Madness brackets – mathematically, anyway.  Now that the tournament is over, it’s official – I’m the winner!  I had Virginia vs OK in the championship game with Virginia winning and Forest had Michigan State vs Kansas with Kansas winning.  Forest’s bracket was toast after Michigan State lost to Middle Tennessee in the first round since he had Michigan State in the final dance!

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around the house – February edition

Happy Monday!  And happy leap day!  I hope you’re enjoying the extra day we get this year!

Just a glimpse around (a portion of) our house in February 2016:

Valentine's Day craft


^our new canvas that hides our alarm panel


^a close up of the hinges – this was such a simple DIY!






^playtime on hardwood floors = pillows & blankets everywhere



^baby toys in the most random spots



^101 Dalmatians

Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore