Chair-ed It

We did it!  We found a chair we both liked and we bought 2 of them over the weekend.  We stopped by Value City Furniture with the flier/60% off coupon we received in the mail last week with the hopes of finding something ‘in our price range.’

They were just delivered on Wednesday and I’ve been admiring them since then.  They’re a neutral color with a casual fabric design and they’re comfy.  That was the top priority for Forest and I think we chair-ed it (get it? like ‘nailed it’ but since it’s chairs…! Good thing I didn’t have to explain myself.)

So here’s a quick before:


And now:

den with new chairs


The whole area needs styled, I know, but we’re making progress and I’m excited!

I still like the look of the chair we found on (see that picture in this post) and we saw similar ones at Value City Furniture with the nail-head trim and tufted back but we both agreed that the comfy/casual/neutral look is more our style.  Maybe we’ll replace the recliner in our living room with a classic/nail-head trim/tufted back/comfortable chair in a couple years!  I can dream at least.

Oh, and just because I mentioned it in my last post, here’s a picture of the decorative stuff I DIY-ed for my side of the desk:

office artwork

Until next time — Cindy