March & Me | 2017


loving.  That I’m the obvious winner in our March Madness brackets even though the tournament isn’t over yet.

needing. Filling for a big cushion I’m making in Peyton’s room for a reading corner.

wanting. To get Peyton’s room all decorated and to get all the newborn clothes washed and in the nursery dresser.

writing. Important April dates in my planner.

reading. 2 Samuel as part of reading through the Bible in one year.

watching. Criminal Minds.

listening. I finished listening to the S-Town podcast last week.

wishing. For the rain to stay away!

feeling. A lot of baby kicks and rolls!

craving. A sonic milkshake.

cooking. Fried rice is on the menu for dinner tonight.

eating. A Reese’s peanut butter egg.

drinking. Water.

smelling. Spring rain.

working on. Backing up our pictures.

wearing. leggings, tee, and sweater.


Forest and I have another March Madness bet!

Peyton is moved into her new room!  She transitioned really well (in regards to sleeping in there) and I have a post on the way for an update on the decorating!

I joined the world of fantasy baseball, and the season started Sunday!


  1. Get all of our family pictures backed up online.
  2. Stay up to date with my 2017 photo project.
  3. Keep kitchen island clear of clutter.

Until next time — Cindy

Thoughts on Thursday | 03.30.2017

Saturday is April!  And although the saying is “April showers bring May flowers”, Mother Nature got a head start on the April showers.  Yesterday was sunny, though, and we took full advantage of being outside!

A grandpa at Tuesday’s story time at the library has the cutest grandson, he’s about 2 months younger than Peyton, and he knows all of his letters.  I was curious how he learned them all but was too shy to ask.  He must have been reading my mind, however, because he mentioned to me that he watches the tv show on PBS called Super Why!  I set our DVR to record a few episodes.  Peyton doesn’t get a lot of tv/screen time (even though she asks to watch a ‘mov’, aka movie, all the time) but there are some days that we do so we’ll try this show!

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Thoughts on Thursday | 03.23.2017

Why is it only Thursday?  This week hasn’t been exceptionally busy for us but I feel like it should already be Friday!

A few thoughts for your Thursday, though, as we wait for the weekend:

This first one is two-fold, courtesy of Forest.  First, Yuengling doesn’t just make beer.  They also make ice cream.  And they have a BUTTERBEER flavor!  Which won’t mean very much unless you’re a Harry Potter fan.  They only sell it in select stores so I made a trip to one of those stores last night after dinner.  I did find Yuengling ice cream but they didn’t have butterbeer…. I picked up the peanut butter cup and cherry vanilla chunk and we’ll see how they are!

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Let the [March] Madness begin!

It’s that time of year again!  Forest and I don’t follow college basketball — or any college sport — but every year we fill out a March Madness bracket and make a fun little bet!  Check out previous year’s here and here.

I am currently the undefeated champion and I don’t plan on that changing this year.

Here are our brackets for 2017:



Our bet this year is the winner gets to pick a destination for a family weekend getaway and the loser has to drive.  We don’t like driving so this is a true punishment!

Until next time — Cindy

Thoughts on Thursday – 4.07.2016


Sometime last week Forest told me I had already won our March Madness brackets – mathematically, anyway.  Now that the tournament is over, it’s official – I’m the winner!  I had Virginia vs OK in the championship game with Virginia winning and Forest had Michigan State vs Kansas with Kansas winning.  Forest’s bracket was toast after Michigan State lost to Middle Tennessee in the first round since he had Michigan State in the final dance!

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Thoughts on Thursday – 3.17.2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you remembered to wear green today!  Or, as my high school chemistry teacher always tells us, the only people wearing green are the ones who aren’t!

Who watched the season finale of The Bachelor Monday night?!  You bet my hand shot in the air faster than anyone!  Forest and my dad are raising their hands too – I stole the remote!  We (yes, all three of us) were pretty sure Ben was going to pick Jojo the entire episode even though we all wanted him to pick Lauren and then BAM!  Jojo was the first one out of the helicopter which we all know isn’t a good sign.  Ben’s proposal to Lauren was cute (I loved that he called Lauren’s father first!) and then his re-proposal at the end of the After the Final Rose was thoughtful.  It felt a little awkward but I’m just glad they didn’t take Chris Harrison up on the offer to get married right then and there.  Now I’m wondering how long will their ‘short’ engagement last….

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And the winner is….


For the second year in a row I’ve managed to win our March Madness brackets!

This is definitely going to be something we do every year.  Well, as long as I keep up my winning streak.

Forest just happened to pick the wrong upsets in the first few rounds so he didn’t really have a chance to make up any points at the end, especially since we had the same teams playing in the championship game and the exact same team winning.  He was pretty bummed he lost but mentioned that maybe I should start entering pools and winning some money for my good picks.  Ha!

The main point is that Forest will be on poopy-diaper-duty for a whole week in just a few weeks.  He’s pretty good about learning new things quickly, though, so I’m not too worried for him.  I’ll just make sure to have my camera nearby in case there are any messy mishaps. :)

Love you, babe!  Better luck next year!

Until next time — Cindy