Our 2015 family album

It is the middle of August and I’m only now posting about our family album from 2015.  I worked so many months at the beginning of the year to get our annual album together and I finally did, just in time for Mixbook to have a 50% off sale (yay!) and I ordered our album and patiently waited for it to arrive sometime at the end of June.

And here are a few pages (of the nearly 100 pages total. what?!  we had a big year with Peyton being born!):



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family pictures

We did our own family pictures the weekend after Peyton’s 1st birthday.  (just like we took our own maternity pictures last year!!)  I want to make sure we pictures of our family (especially the current baby and future babies) in every stage of life!  I take plenty of pictures on my phone and even with the real camera (working on a 365 project!!) but I want to have ‘formal’ family pictures as well – even if the baby is on the brink of a meltdown while we’re taking them.

//Super shout out to Forest and his patience.  I usually have a vision for our pictures but don’t always explain them perfectly but he’s a trooper and pretty good at capturing special moments.\\

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

family pictures - June 2016

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around the house – February edition

Happy Monday!  And happy leap day!  I hope you’re enjoying the extra day we get this year!

Just a glimpse around (a portion of) our house in February 2016:

Valentine's Day craft


^our new canvas that hides our alarm panel


^a close up of the hinges – this was such a simple DIY!






^playtime on hardwood floors = pillows & blankets everywhere



^baby toys in the most random spots



^101 Dalmatians

Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

52 Project – 2015 [weeks 35-52]

I did it!  I finally finished my Project 52 album for 2015! [you can check out other of my Project 52 posts here.]  I’ve already flipped through the pages several times and I love it so much!  I have a lot of leftover cards from my core kit but I can’t decide how I’ll use them.  I’m working on a Project 365 this year (I know!  I’m crazy!) so I’ll probably make another album for those pictures! I really want to continue improving my skills and it doesn’t hurt that Peyton and Indie are so easy to photograph everyday!

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Thought on Thursday – 2.04.2016

The weather lately has felt more like April than the beginning of February and definitely not like the middle of winter! Not complaining, just an observation.

I found a product that has revolutionized painting my nails at home. It’s nothing new, just new to me! And I don’t know why I’ve never purchased it before. Sally Hansen’s DIAMOND FLASH FAST DRY TOP COAT. I used to wave my hands around for an hour and I’d still be nervous I’d mess up my nails. And I definitely don’t have time for that when nap time might only last 30 minutes! This quick dry top coat is amazing! And my polish has lasted up to 5 and 6 days without chipping.

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Snowed In

Last weekend we were snowed in!  The weathermen had been warning us that a blizzard was on its way towards us on the East coast but the reports would vary from getting 5 inches or 25 inches.  We knew we’d be getting something, it was just a matter of how much.  We went to bed Friday night just as the snow started to fall and woke up on Saturday to several inches covering the ground.  Over the course of the day we kept  accumulating snow and Forest kept lacing up his boots and bundling up to shovel more snow out of the driveway.

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2015 Family Pictures [that I never shared]

So way back at the end of October we headed out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to take a few family pictures [with just a tripod and the timer] for our Christmas card.

We got several good pictures!

I ordered our Christmas cards with those good pictures and I mailed them out as quickly as I could.

And I was just thinking that I never shared our pictures!  So, for my memory, here are our 2015 family pictures!

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