Sloane | two months

I blinked and Sloane is now 2 months old.  I don’t know how it happens!  How do they grow so much in just 4 weeks?!

20170711-5 weeks

^5 weeks

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Peyton – 14 months

Peyton-14 months

Peyton-14 months

Peyton-14 months

I didn’t do a post for Peyton at 13 months because there wasn’t a whole lot of difference from her 12 month update but now that she’s 14 months?!  Holy smokes!  I feel like there’s so much to talk about!

Also, how funny are the pictures for this month?  She was out of control and did not want to cooperate!  I know what to look forward to now!  Ha!

  • Words
    • Dada/Mama
    • Hi/Bye bye
    • Nanana (for No….)
    • Ball
    • Hi Indie (sounds like ‘Hiiiiidi’)
    • Water (sounds like ‘Wa-er’)
    • Flower (sounds like ‘Ower’)
    • Cheese (this is a new one)
    • Tree (sounds like ‘teeeee’, this is a new one)
    • Please (sounds like ‘eeeeese’, this is a new one and probably only because it sounds like cheese and tree.  :) )


  • Peyton is an expert at kissing, she even does the ‘mwaaaah’ sound effect.
  • She can blow kisses too!
  • When you say “I love you!” she’ll blow you a kiss.  Complete with the ‘mwah’ sound!  [heart melting!]
  • And she likes playing peek-a-boo!  She used to use both hands but recently she’s only been using one and only covering one eye.
  • If you ask her “What sound does a cow make?” she’ll reply with “mmmmm”.  And she mimics the sounds of other animals (sheep, horse [her neeeeigh is more of a heyhehehe], duck, and sometime dogs although she prefers to pant as the dog sound.)
  • She practically eats whatever we eat at dinner.  We only resort to baby food if we’re eating something she won’t be able to easily mush/chew AND we don’t have any leftovers or fruits and veggies for her.
  • She takes just 1 nap a day.  Although she functions best when she gets a car-nap after daycare/late in the day before dinner.
  • She does NOT like taco meat.  I don’t know if it’s the texture of the crumbled meat or the taste of the seasoning but she won’t eat it.  She loves meatballs though!
  • A few of her favorite foods include: watermelon, banana, yogurt, corn, green beans, pasta, string cheese, and bites of our smoothies.
  • She gets super ornery when it’s close to nap or bedtime.  She purposefully does things she knows are a no-no (standing on her chair, splashing in Indie’s water bowl, chewing on the alphabet magnets on the fridge, pulling on the oven door, etc.)
  • She likes to bounce on the bed.  Or on Forest’s arm while he’s laying on the bed.
  • She mimics people coughing or laughing.  She has the funniest fake laugh.
  • And she squeals when she’s super excited or if she thinks Indie is chasing her.
  • She took her first steps at the end of July!  And she’s regularly taking a few steps by herself.  Mostly just to get from one object to another (my knees as I sit on the couch to the coffee table, for example).  But she walks along furniture really well and she’s more comfortable pushing things as she walks instead of just holding onto our fingers.
  • Forest said she stood up from a sitting position, without pulling up on anything.  Once. And my back was turned so I missed it!
  • She knows were her nose is if you ask her.  She sometimes just points at it but most times she’ll stick her finger up her nose.  Ha!

There is probably so much more that I’m missing.  She’s learning new things every day and it’s the most precious thing to witness!

Until next time — Cindy

Peyton – 9 months old

Oh Peyton!  You did it again!  You turned another month older and I’m struggling between wanting you to stay my little baby forever and anticipating your next ‘first’.  You’re at such a fun age right now.  Not that your other months haven’t been fun but your personality is shining through more each and every day.  I can tell that you have dada’s humor because you smile and giggle at everything.  Including the times we tell you ‘no’.  You don’t seem to be shy because you’ll talk to everyone!  And you sure are quick to figure things out so you get your way.

Peyton-9 months-1

Peyton-9 months-3

Peyton-9 months-4

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Peyton-6 months

Happy 6 months to our sweet, little blue-eyed babe!  She might have a modeling career in her future. ;)

Peyton-6 months (2)

Peyton-6 months (3)

Peyton-6 months (4)

Peyton-6 months (5)

Peyton-6 months (6)

Peyton-6 months (1)

My how the moments pass by so quickly!  Before Peyton I thought babies at 6 months were still so small, so fragile, still considered newborns.  But our baby girl is the opposite (which I assume is true for all babies her age).  She’s getting so big, moving so much, talking and laughing and starting to sit up!  This is such a fun age (I say that every month)!


  • At the beginning of the month she loved chewing on her tongue.
  • Grunting, talking, screaming.  Just generally making noise.
  • She loves to fly through the air but not too fast or too high.
  • Indie.
  • Daddy’s hoodie strings.
  • Touching things.  Everything.


  • Teething
  • Laying down


  • We were practicing sitting up in the pack-n-play at the beginning of the month.  She does pretty good for 5-10 seconds on her own!  We still do this pretty often.  She’s always preferred to be sitting up so she can see everything that’s going on so I’m sure she’ll be sitting on her own before too long.
  • So many changes happened in a month!   At the beginning of the month she started pulling on her pant legs and just a few weeks later she had found her toes!  I was changing her diaper on the changing pad and she pulled on both feet!  Now she’s always playing with them and trying to chew them anytime she’s laying on her back.  Except while I’m trying to take a picture of her doing it and then she prefers to just stare blankly at the camera.
  • We tried baby cereal for the first time Nov. 14th.  She wasn’t a huge fan.  She wouldn’t even open her mouth for the spoon to go in.  We just kept putting it on her lips so she would lick it off.  After 20-30 minutes of trying to convince her to open her mouth we called it quits.  We tried again on 11/21 (the next weekend) and she seemed more willing to try.  She ate about half.  Half of that ended up on her bib or on the high-chair tray but she was opening her mouth!    By Monday 11/23 she was leaning into each spoonful of cereal!  She loves her cereal now!  I would say about 75% of the food ends up in her mouth because she’s still figuring out how to get all of it off of the spoon and moving it around in her mouth.  It’s another think we have to pack for daycare every morning but the teachers say she’s been eating all of it!
  • During my lunch visit on Nov 18th she was really gnawing on my finger and I felt a few pokes!  Teeth were definitely on their way!  Sure enough, we saw the tops of two bottom teeth just a few days later!  She’s been teething like crazy, gnawing and chewing on everything in sight.  Her favorite things are a giraffe teething ring (it’s a good size for her to hold onto and the knobs are good for chewing) and anything fabric.  Her bib, the tags on her bibs, mommy & daddy’s clothes, etc.  She loves chewing on Forest’s hoodie strings especially.  I think it’s a mix between keeping her occupied and helping the pain but she enjoys it and he doesn’t mind!  It’s the cutest thing to see those two little teeth every time she grins and laughs!
  • Forest and I have been surprised at how well she’s been while she’s teething.  She has had moments during the day that she’s fussy or upset but so far she’s handling it like a little rock star.  The evenings have proven a little more difficult the past few weeks.  She was on a streak of waking up at 4:30 am for several days in a row then she slept through the night just fine and then hardly slept at all one night and now she’s back to waking up at 4:30 am again.  I’ve given her baby oragel and soothed her back to sleep the past two mornings.  Baby oragel has been our best friend.  We tried Tylenol a handful of times at night when she was really struggling to calm down and sleep but it hardly seemed to help.
  • We celebrated her first Thanksgiving this month!  She enjoyed baby cereal in the morning and then chatted with us while we had Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course I bought her a “My First Thanksgiving” onesie that she wore all day but she looked absolutely adorable in the turkey bib and hat Uncle Rusty got her!  Grandpa & Grandma J were here and we made sure to Facetime with Grampa & Gramma S and Aunt Amanda.  The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed a nice afternoon walk around the neighborhood before the sun set.
  • She loves to touch.everything.  Our clothes, the wall while she’s on the changing pad, my hair, Forest’s beard, her toys, her toes, Indie (poor Indie has had her hair, ears & cheeks pulled and pinched several times recently).  Her hands find their way into our mouths too because she loves to touch our faces and lips while we hold her.
  • The week of Thanksgiving she really started moving her arms and legs a lot.  She loves to swing her arms, especially while she’s nursing or when she’s just sitting.  She likes trying to touch anything around her while she does it too.  And while she’s eating her cereal sitting in the high chair she swings and kicks her legs.  She really likes hanging out in the jumper too.  She’s kicking and bouncing more in it every day.  And she reaches for, plays with and spins all of the toys on it.  It’s so fun to watch her!  And Indie loves to give her kisses while she’s there.
  • Visitors- Grandpa & Grandma J for Thanksgiving.

We are blessed beyond measure!


UPDATE- as of Peyton’s 6 month appointment on 12/15/15, she weighs 15 lbs 12 oz.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

Peyton – 5 months

Oh my.  Our baby girl is 5 months old already!  This time last year we were surprising our families with the news that we were expecting and here we are hanging out with a 5 month old in our arms.  Every month I think to myself “This is the best age so far” and it hasn’t changed now.  Peyton is developing such a personality and she’s more observant than ever.  She’s always just looked around and watched people but even more so now.

Peyton-5 months (7)

Peyton-5 months (4)

Peyton-5 months (3)

Peyton-5 months (2)

Peyton-5 months (1)


-Blowing bubbles/raspberries (as captured in the first picture)

-Her hands

-Watching Indie run back and forth across the room

-Hanging out in the jumper

-Ms. Tamika (a teacher in her room at daycare)


-Having her nose cleaned (can you blame her?!)


-At the beginning of the month she started yelling a high-pitched yell.  I never knew what she wanted but she usually took a nap soon after so apparently that was her way of telling me she was sleepy.

-she experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ this month:  Trip to the pumpkin patch, grocery shopping, apple picking, sleeping un-swaddled, day at daycare, head cold, carving pumpkins, Halloween,

-We put her to bed with her arms un-swaddled for the first time this month.  The Dr said most babies stop being swaddled around 3 months but here we were, well into 4 months and still swaddling her for bedtime.  She never fought it so we just kept swaddling!  She did great un-swaddled though.  She did start to whine a little in the middle of the night but eventually put herself right back to sleep.

-Peyton started daycare this month.  Forest and I dropped her off on her first day, October 20th.  I had cried all the tears the night before so I didn’t cry that morning.  I was sad, of course, but held it together so I wouldn’t look like a hot-mess at work all day.  Plus I knew I’d be visiting her during my lunch break.  Which I did!  One of the teachers was hanging her first ‘artwork’ on the wall and the other teachers said she was doing great!  The report at the end of the day said she fits right in with all of her new friends.  She only took a couple 20-30 minute naps but there was so much to see, she didn’t want to miss out.  I picked her up a little after 5 and she was asleep and slept most of the way home.  She looked absolutely exhausted all evening but wasn’t fussy.  She nursed at 7:30 and fell asleep so I woke her up to burp and she was right back to sleep.  She stayed asleep while I put her in the sleep-sack and didn’t even need me to rock her to sleep…

-I haven’t missed a day visiting her during lunch.  That time is just so precious for me.  I know she knows who I am but I don’t think she would necessarily miss me if I didn’t visit during lunch but I hope that she enjoys those 45 minutes as much as I do.  Most of the time she naps while I hold her (even after a couple weeks she isn’t napping very long during the day) but there are other days that she’s completely awake and alert so we chat and blow bubbles and look out the windows.

-We have a really good routine down for in the mornings now too.  I get up before Peyton, 5:30 at the latest, so I can get ready (hair & makeup) and usually just as I’m finishing I hear Peyton starting to wake up.  She jabbers a little bit and I can hear her sucking on her hands.  I go in the nursery and say “Good morning baby girl” and I can just make out the biggest smile on her face.  I change her diaper and she nurses and we’re usually done by 6:30 when we go wake up daddy and say good morning to Indie.  Daddy gets up and picks out her outfit and changes her while I get dressed myself.  [I LOVE listening to Peyton talk to Forest while he changes her in the mornings.  Sometimes he’s still sleepy, especially if he was up late doing school work the night before, so he isn’t always so chatty but Peyton just talks his ear off.]  And then we all meet in the kitchen (Indie too because she’s ready to go out by then) while I prepare bottles, Forest packs my lunch and Peyton plays in the jumper.  Most mornings Peyton decides to poop while she’s in the jumper and recently those poops have been exceptionally messy so Forest has to pick out another outfit and get her changed again..  I get all of the bags packed (I seriously have 4-5 bags to pack) while Forest puts Peyton’s jacket and hat on and gets her in the car seat and we’re out the door by 7:20.

-Peyton got her first cold this month.  I blame the kiddos at the daycare, of course.  She started with a runny nose on Saturday 10/24 and by Sunday she had a small cough and a runny/stuffy nose.  I guess she’ll have many opportunities to build up her immune system.

-We had 1 night during the start of her cold that she didn’t want to sleep unless she was being held.  I rocked her for 45 minutes after she nursed in the evening to make sure she was asleep and as soon as I laid her in the crib she was crying so I started over with 45-60 minutes of rocking and into the crib and she started crying.  Forest brought the bassinet into her room so we could elevate her head to help with the stuffy nose but she didn’t want to be on her back at all.  He stayed up with her for several hours trying different things to get her to stay asleep – rocking in the bassinet, sitting in the swing, etc. – but she only wanted to be held.  After a while I switched with Forest so he could try to sleep.  I got Peyton to sleep in the swing as I held her hand and shushed.  I slept on the couch for a little bit until she started to cry again so I held her until it was time for me to get ready for work.  I felt so bad for her because I know she wasn’t feeling well…. Thankfully it was only the one night.

-Peyton’s school had a Halloween costume parade the day before Halloween.  We packed her Colts cheerleader outfit as her costume.  I went over just before it started at 3 and waited with the other parents/family in the parking lot.  Soon after 3, the parade started with the oldest kids and ended with the babies in the stroller.  Peyton looked like a little grump in the stroller but her teacher later told me they had to wake her up from a long nap and she wasn’t happy about it.  I stayed and played with her until my ‘lunch hour’ was up.  She was seriously the cutest little cheerleader!

-Peyton celebrated her first Halloween this year!  We dressed her in a 101 Dalmatian’s onesie/hoodie while she helped us pass out candy before bedtime.  Maybe next year we’ll take her trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore