Pregnancy #2 Update

I haven’t posted a single update for this pregnancy and I feel really bad.  Not necessarily for any of you readers but mostly for our little one!  Who knows how long I’ll continue to blog but I don’t want this little baby to feel neglected when she reads through my blog to see several updates throughout Peyton’s pregnancy but only one – at 32 weeks! – of her pregnancy.  So this might be a lengthy post but stick with it!  If you’re interested. :)

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Mommy Letters | To Peyton

Dear Peyton,

You are growing into such a big girl!  And there are so many things about this time, this age, that I don’t want to forget.  I want to remember how smart and brave you are.  I want to remember how funny and loud you are.  I want to remember how you want Mama and Dada to comfort you when you’re hurt and that you love giving kisses, hugs and taking family selfies.

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Thoughts on Thursday – 7.21.2016


Did you read our big news from this week?!

And since you’re up to date on that, here’s an article that I (mostly) agree with because this is one question I don’t/didn’t know how I would respond to – “You’re a stay at home mom?  What do you DO all day?”

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday so I’m going to shout a quick H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y! to him!  I hope your day is wonderful!

Simple and natural eyebrows.

Because I’m always adding to my books-to-read list (even though it takes me forever to actually read any of those books!): Best books of the Decade: 2010’s

Speaking of books, I just started a Goodreads account.  I’ll have to wrack my brain for all of the books I’ve read to give reviews and now I can all of my books-to-read lists to one place!

Forest and I started watching O.J.: Made in America this week.  I don’t remember much about the whole ordeal with O.J. except the police chase and that he was found not guilty but the documentary goes through more than just O.J. and the trial, it documents different events that were happening in America during the same time and it all looks eerily similar to what has been happening recently with all of the violence and hatefulness and it all just breaks my heart… I almost feel like I’ve become numb to the countless deaths and horrific things that are happening around the world.  I see or hear about another murder and it’s almost as if I think “Add that to the list” and go about my day because it’s happening so frequently and I don’t want it to be like that.  We shouldn’t be hearing about terrorists and mass murders and senseless killings every day.  I don’t have much else to say about the topic except that I pray for the families who are grieving, who have lost a loved one, but I’m also praying for a change, for love and kindness to be shown and shared more often than hate and hurting.  Is that too much to ask, friends?

Until next time — Cindy

It’s a big day!

Today is a big day!  July 19, 2016 is the last day I’ll come into work as a full-time employee!

 I’m shifting titles!

from employee to mommy (and wife[y]),

from 8-5 to small business owner and homemaker,

from accountant to photographer.

I’m transitioning out of my day job as an accountant to be a stay at home mom/wife/homemaker and a small business owner at Captured by Cindy Photography!  I am so thankful for the 3 years that I’ve been working at my current company.  I’ve created several great working relationships and friendships within the finance department!  However, there are reorganizations happening throughout the company (not just our department) and, although my position is not in jeopardy of being eliminated, my work load would probably increase and Forest and I agreed that my time would be better spent at home.  So while I am a little sad to be leaving, my excitement for what’s to come is so much more!

I talk Forest’s ear off with the ideas and possibilities I have of focusing more time on my photography and I’m really looking forward to implementing those ideas and really putting myself out there to grow my business!  I’ll have more time for marketing, advertising, partnerships, and setting up fun sessions for clients!  I have 2 weddings that I’m photographing this month so maybe I’ll take on more weddings!  I don’t know how this business will grow but having the time to focus on doing just that is so exciting!

I used to spend my lunch hour hanging out with Peyton at daycare (for the first 8 months back from maternity leave)!  The daycare teachers and staff didn’t mind but spending 45 minutes with Peyton during the day was good for (I think) both of us!  Her schedule has changed and she now naps during my lunch hour so I don’t get to visit anymore.  We do think daycare has been really good for Peyton – she is a social butterfly for sure and it’s suited her well!  Because of this, we have several ideas of how she can still get interaction with other kids on a regular basis (hello story time at the public library + mommy groups at church + play dates with friends we haven’t seen in a really long time!).  We definitely won’t be missing the waves of colds that she came home with this fall and winter though – keep those germs away, please!

We would like to grow our family as well!  [no mom’s, we’re not pregnant :)]  While I’m looking forward to being at home with Peyton more often, I hope we are able to add another (or a few) little one(s) to our clan.  We know that’s all in God’s timing but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about as well!

This decision wasn’t just mine.  It was Forest’s as well.  We’ve been praying about it for months and we both feel like the time is right, that God has opened doors for us, He’s pushing and pulling us in directions that we wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago but here we are!  We’re trusting in Him and we’re so thankful for these opportunities.

I know there are soooo many mommy’s out there that wish they could be at home with their babies all day – I know it’s difficult!  I know how juggling everything and wearing close to 5 (or more!) hats at one time is exhausting but know that your babies look up to you whether you’re at home or you’re at work.  They see how hard you work and they feel all of your love!  Be the best example you can in whatever situation you find yourself, mama!

And I’ll leave you with an excerpt from this post (I love Ashley’s blog so very much!  I think I found her blog looking for photography tips but I check in with her every week to see what she has to share – so good!)

“The one place I do want to build a name for myself, so to speak, is inside the walls of my home….among the 5 people I share it with. I’ve got 4 little ones calling me “Mommy”…that is a name I want to work on building. If anyone thinks I am awesome…I want it to be my family.  I’ll take their construction paper flowers with jedi lightsabers over any online ranking. I want to rank high with them. I’ve only got a handful of years to do this role right. I don’t get a second chance. When they graduate, I won’t be given an option for a ‘do-over’. This go-around is all I got.  When the day closes…and computers are shutting down…they are the ones wrapping little arms around my neck and giving me ‘one more’ kiss goodnight.

“Mommy”…it is a name worth building.”

Until next time — Cindy


Dear Peyton,

This past year has been amazing and exhausting and humbling and perfect!  I love (so much) watching you learn new things, process everything around, and love unconditionally.  I can see how much you’re understanding (like saying ‘ba’ for balloon because we’ve been repeating it for you over and over and over again every time you point at one, and shaking your head ‘no’ and saying ‘nanana’ [you must hear that one a lot!]) and developing (like walking with your toy zebra walker, climbing the step from the living room to the hallway, using a spoon as a drumstick, patting my shoulders when you give me a bear hug and feeding Indie your dinner).  You are ornery, funny, independent, and beautiful.

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