Peyton’s Nursery

I realized the other day that I’ve been blogging for 3 years this month.  I’ve had fun doing this blog-thing, it’s another form of memory-keeping for me (I take pictures and I recently started journaling daily so blogging is just another outlet for me to remember what we’ve been up to).

In looking back, though, I noticed that I need to share pictures of Peyton’s nursery now that she’s 3 months old and it’s done.  D.O.N.E.  You can check out my last post about where we were in decorating it just a few weeks before Peyton was born.  We didn’t have the crib then and we had a lot of things still in boxes and there were piles everywhere.  So here are pictures as of this week!

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Peyton's Nursery

Forest and I love it.  I think Peyton loves it too.  And Indie tries to play while I’m in there so I can only assume she loves it too.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

Nursery Progress

Remember this post about our plans for the nursery?  And then remember how I haven’t posted any progress updates?  Well the wait is over!!

We started with a [mostly] blank slate:

March 2015 empty nursery

March 2015 empty nursery

And this was our inspiration (Image via):

And this is where were are now!

2015_05_03 pics + bump (1)

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

baby j nursery

2015_04_24 nursery decor (14)

2015_04_24 nursery decor (3)

The crib will go on the wall with the Peyton banner.  Forest’s dad is building the crib so it’ll get here when they come out.  The only ‘large’ item we still want to purchase is a small side table for next to the glider.  I still want to add several small details (book ledges, additional picture frames for maternity & newborn pictures, clock, etc.).  And we still have a few essentials to buy (humidifier, waterproof mattress cover, etc.).  But for the most part we’re done!  Next on my list is to pack my hospital bag so we’ll be ready for our baby girl when she decides she’s ready for the world.

Until next time — Cindy

Weekend recap

We had another productive weekend.  We’ve been having these pretty regularly and I love it!

On Friday night we didn’t do much.  We ordered the stroller that we’ve been wanting and a glider for the nursery.  We had a 10% off + free shipping so we jumped at the chance.  We could never find the stroller we want in the color we like so we decided to stop running around and just order it online.  I’m so excited for it to get here.  And for the glider too!  It’s the last ‘big’ purchase for the nursery so once it’s in the room everything will feel like it’s coming together.  Forest assembled the diaper genie while I hung some picture frames in the nursery.  We finally opened up the diaper bags we got as gifts and I started to toss some things in them.  And we spent the rest of the evening lounging in the living room.

Saturday morning I took Forest on a breakfast date because I was really craving waffles from my favorite spot, The Turning Point.  We didn’t have plans for after lunch but Forest threw out the idea to stop by Lowe’s for flowers so we could plant some in our back yard.  After browsing all of our options we left Lowe’s with a couple varieties of colorful annuals, a perennial that will bloom every spring and throughout the summer, a dwarf spruce tree, and a lilac bush.  We also picked up soil to fill in our flowerbeds and mulch.  We spent the next several hours digging holes and planting flowers in the warm sunshine.  Forest made the comment that he really enjoyed doing this kind of yard work and I completely agreed.  We didn’t know what the heck we were doing but it was fun to do it together!  I’m pretty sure I napped on the couch for a little bit while Forest watched baseball and we ordered pizza for dinner.  Delicious!

I took Forest on a breakfast date so i could get waffles. :) #TurningPoint



Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling the best but after church and lunch, Forest ran to Home Depot to get a few landscaping pavers for the backyard while I read a book in the backyard and watched Indie run around.  Sunday was our nephew’s first birthday party which killed me that we were missing but we got to FaceTime for just a little bit so we could say hi!  After a trip to the grocery store and dinner, we took a short walk around the neighborhood.  It might have been short but I love our little family walks.  Forest took some time to turn the sprinklers on and figure out which ones we need to use.  [Our front yard is looking rough…]  And then we installed the car seat!  We obviously still have some time (I’m only 34 weeks) but we figured it’s better to have it ready to go than scrambling at the last minute to get it installed.

Forest had a softball game last night – the first one I’ve been able to go to – and we took Indie.  She did really well, I think.  I might have gotten tired and grumpy towards the end of the game and then I pouted because I didn’t really see that much of the game because Indie wanted to meet all.the.people. but it was fun!  And I’m looking forward to taking our baby girl during the summer.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the baby AND the dog at once but we’ll see!

I hope your weekend was beautiful!

Until next time — Cindy

a wonderful weekend

This weekend was the kind that I wish we could just stay in.  The kind that doesn’t end.  Forest, at one point, told me to just soak it all in and I did.  I enjoyed every second of our beautiful weekend.  So, for our future selves, I’m going to record it here.

Friday – Good Friday.  My manager said we could leave early if we wanted to so I happily skipped out at 3:45 instead of my usual 5:00.  I stopped by a few stores on my way home: I bought a skirt for Easter, a few short sleeve maternity shirts, and a super comfortable zip-up hoodie that I want to wear every single day, a picture frame for a print I bought at the Grand Ole Opry, and coral craft paint.

I got home at 5:00, we made pizza (Friday night, pizza night) and played in the backyard with Indie for a while.  We headed to the movies at 7:30 to see Furious 7.  I cried multiple times during the movie, I wasn’t ashamed.  And I’m pretty sure I would have cried just as much if I wasn’t pregnant and hormonal.

Saturday – we ‘slept in’ till our usual 7:00 am wake-up whine from Indie.  With cereal for breakfast and a movie on tv we lounged around for a little bit until Forest went outside to finish draining the pool, feed and water the yard, and put the final polyurethane coat on the kitchen shelves.  I painted the dresser drawer knobs coral at some point in the morning.  We had PB&J for lunch followed by an eye appointment for me and a trip to Target afterwards.  We were on the hunt for a rocker/glider in the nursery and didn’t find one at Target but we didn’t leave empty-handed.  We found an area rug and curtains for the nursery.  We debated the curtains for the longest time before going with our first pick.  Forest hung the curtains and un-rolled the rug that evening.  I’ll be posting about our progress soon.

We had brinner for dinner – biscuits and gravy with sausage.  YUM.  And enjoyed a nice, although really windy and chilly, walk around the neighborhood.  Forest made brownies for dessert and he watched tv while I dug into this book that I ordered to help me understand Lightroom.

Sunday – Easter Sunday.  Resurrection Day.  We went to the 8:30 am service at church, like we always do.  The ensemble they had singing sounded beautiful and the songs they chose were perfect.  I’m so thankful that He is risen!  I was sent a picture of our nephew, Chansler, in his Easter outfit.  (I wish I could squish those cheeks more often!)  We finished and hung our kitchen shelves (you’ll see a post later this week) and spent most of the afternoon outside.  It was still so windy but the sunshine was perfect.  We just sat in the swing while Indie sniffed around the backyard and played with her toys.  We FaceTimed with my parents for a little bit before we dyed a few Easter eggs and then spent some more time outside before we headed out for dinner.  Forest chose Texas Road House and it was so good, especially their red raspberry lemonade.  We had very meaningful conversations about raising our children and some light-hearted moments talking about bowling and co-workers.  It was perfect, the two of us.  We ended the evening FaceTiming with Forest’s parents, Forest attaching the drawer knobs on the dresser, and watching the season opener baseball game Cardinals @ Cubs.  I went to bed before the game was over (I always do…) but the Cardinals won!

It seems so mundane written out like this but it was one of those weekends that I don’t want to forget.  And maybe, when I’ve been up for too many hours with a sweet little baby in my arms, I can re-read this weekend and remember how beautiful it was and look forward to the countless other weekends that will become just as mundane and memorable.

Until next time — Cindy

Thoughts on Thursday

Just some thoughts on this Thursday for you:

-I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday during my lunch and a guy (I would guess 18, maybe 20 years old) held the door open for me.  It’s not something I experience every day (yes, Forest does open the door for me but I feel like a younger gentleman opening the door is a rare occurrence) and I thought it was exceptionally sweet.

-I just ordered a new book (this one) so I can officially learn to use Lightroom.  I’ve been making due with the short tutorials I’ve watched but I’m excited to get more comfortable using it.

-I’ve been taking so many pictures this week.  I feel like every time I turn around I see something that needs photographed.  It’s probably the warmer weather that’s allowing us to venture outside that has me excited to pick up my camera everyday.

-The weather is supposed to be beautiful today so I’m hoping we can take a family walk after dinner tonight.

-It’s April.  Holy cow.

-I’ve noticed that my feet are swelling in the evenings.  I know I’m pregnant but it’s not like I’m on my feet all day.  I guess it just comes with the 30-weeks-pregnant territory.

-Forest is getting closer to the end of his school semester.  His class ends April 17th and he’s [impatiently] counting down the days!

-We finally got our bums in gear with the shelves in the kitchen.  Forest was a mad-man over the weekend (his last completely free weekend until his class is done) and checked off several to-do items for the kitchen shelves.  He spray painted the hardware we’re using and just yesterday finished staining the wood.  I’m so excited to post about them once they’re up!

-The dresser we ordered for the nursery arrived Tuesday and we assembled it that night.  We measured to make sure it would fit in the room, and it does, but it seems to take up a lot of real estate.  I guess we didn’t realize how small the room actually was until we started filling it.  Everything will fit just fine.  It’ll just be cozy.

-And I want to paint the knobs to the dresser drawers.

-We met our friends’ baby over the weekend: Andrew “Drew” David.  What a sweetie-pie!  He spit-up on Forest a couple times but he’ll have to get used to that anyway.

-I’ve gone through our vacation pictures but I haven’t edited them yet.  I’m looking forward to doing that so I can get a post up soon.

-Speaking of posts, I posted about my lovely baby shower from the beginning of the month.  You can read it here.

-My go-to outfit when I get home from work is any pair of yoga pants + old navy tank top + comfortable hoodie. It’s the best.

-I wish my go-to outfit was acceptable to wear to work….

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Until next time — Cindy


We’re on the homestretch!  I officially entered my 3rd trimester last Thursday (March 19 = 28 weeks) so we will be meeting our little girl before we know it!

finally felt little flutters at the beginning of February, around 21 weeks.  I actually wasn’t sure if they were kicks or if I was imagining things (or if it was gas…) but I had the same feeling several days in a row during my drive to work and while I was sitting at my desk at work.  Just a week or so later, Forest was able to feel little kicks.  He didn’t want to touch my belly at all but one night while we were watching tv on the couch he sat with his hand on my stomach.  When he actually felt a flutter he got so excited.  But wouldn’t put his hand back when there were even bigger kicks.  Goof.

The end of February brought restless nights.  I was always so uncomfortable trying to fall asleep and staying asleep for long never happened.  My hips hurt and ached like crazy while I was laying down and when I got up to use the restroom it took me forever to get moving.  I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg and I had terrible lower back pain.  I tried a bubble bath to relax one evening and it was relaxing (I’ve been thinking about taking them more often) but it didn’t help during the night.  A heating pad has worked wonders though.  I’ve used it many times in the evenings before bed, while I’m falling asleep (It has a timer so I’m not worried about it staying on too long), and in the mornings.

I think I’ve finally figured out the right ratio of pillows to use for support now though.  1 regular pillow folded between my legs, 1 small pillow under my belly to support it, 2 small pillows stacked behind my back so I can rest against them and not lay flat, 1 pillow for my head (obviously), and occasionally 1 small pillow to hug.  I’m actually not sure how Forest still has room… Sorry babe!  BUT, I’ve been sleeping for long stretches at a time without waking up and I’m actually able to move in the mornings.  I call that a victory.

We enjoyed a week-long vacation at the beginning of March.  I had a beautiful baby shower in Indiana (post coming soon!) and we feel so incredibly blessed that our little girl is already loved by so many.  We spent the majority of a week in Nashville and made pit stops in Louisville (Louisville Slugger Museum) and outside of Cincinnati (Creation Museum) on our way back home (posts coming soon!).

We haven’t mad much progress in the nursery except to put all of the gifts we received into piles.  It’s a very organized mess in there.  But we did order a dresser last week so that should be arriving next week.  Our first big purchase so far.  I wrote a post about our plans here if you’d like to see what we’re going for.

I’ve decided that our baby girl is going to be stubborn.  There were so many people that wanted to feel her move while we were in Indiana (namely the grandmothers) and every time they touched my belly, baby girl would stop moving.  Even if she had been kicking/rolling just seconds before.  She also always prefers to cover her head and/or face during ultrasounds.  It never fails.  She does have a very good heartbeat, though, and I LOVE hearing it at my month appointments.

I did the glucose test last week to check for gestational diabetes.  I’ve hear some stories that the drink is terrible but, to be honest, it was actually ok.  It was in a bottle, just a smidge smaller than a regular water bottle, and it was orange.  It tasted like a sweeter version of orange Gatorade.  I had 5 minutes to finish the drink and then I had to wait an hour for them to draw my blood.  The doctor at my regular appointment this week said I passed with flying colors.  Yay!

Speaking of my appointment this week… I had written in the calendar on my phone that my appointment was Monday, March 23 at 8:30 am.  I had been reminding Forest over the weekend because I didn’t want us to forget.  We head into the office bright at early Monday morning and as I’m checking in the receptionist asks my name and informs me that my appointment isn’t until Wednesday, March 25.  And that they didn’t even have a doctor in the office that day.  I was so embarrassed… I had a knot in my throat from holding back tears my whole way to work.  I realize it wasn’t a big deal at all but darn it pregnancy brain!

And since I mentioned pregnancy brain – oh my!  Sometimes I can’t remember people’s names.  People that are my friends.  Their names just suddenly don’t exist in my brain.  The same for regular, everyday words.  Specifically today I couldn’t think of the word ‘recommendation.’  I stared off into space in the middle of a conversation because I couldn’t think of it.  And, I booked an entry the wrong direction at work a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know how that happened (especially since my manager approves all of the entries I make…) but it happened and to top it off, the entry I made to correct it was backwards.  So embarrassing.  My manager even blamed it on the pregnancy!  And it’s fixed now, for sure, so no worries.

I’ve noticed that Indie is getting more cuddly with me recently.  Normally if Forest and I are both home, she’ll choose to follow Forest around the house but the past week or so she’s been choosing me.  My heart melts too cause it’s so adorable.  She’ll lay on the couch with me and put her head in my lap right next to the bump and she’ll lay down ON my feet while I’m standing still.

And let’s end this whole she-bang with some some bump pictures!  I feel like I reeeeeally popped during week 28.  I went to bed one night and the next day the bump was like BAM!  I really enjoy showing it off though.  I love it!

21-28 weeks

Until next time — Cindy

Nursery Planning

I’ve been dying to get started on the nursery!  I just want to buy everything now.  I’ve been reminded multiple times that I’m having a baby shower soon so I shouldn’t buy anything until we see what we get.  The rational part of me understands this.  The nesting part of me is being very impatient.

I’ve been brainstorming nursery ideas since we found out baby j is a girl and I just get so excited.

What we’re working with:

March 2015 empty nursery

March 2015 empty nursery

The nursery is painted “Golden Toast”, a gender-neutral color we picked when we bought the house.


(Image via) I am repeatedly drawn to this picture when trying to decide what colors I’d like in the nursery.  The colors are beautiful and girly without being pink.

The plan:

White furniture (crib, dresser that will double as a changing table & rocking chair).

Coral area rug.  Every time I look at the inspiration picture, the chevron fabric at the bottom screams “area rug” and I haven’t been able to think of anything except a coral area rug.

Peach, blue & coral accents in the decorations.

Woodland animals theme.  Cute foxes, owls, bunnies, and birds.  Adorable.

What we/I can’t make a decision on:

The color of the curtains.  My initial thought is something soft and neutral (maybe a light gray?) but I think color would be fun too (maybe pull in the blue or green from the inspiration picture?)

I’ve been really good about not buying anything.  We ventured into the baby aisles this past weekend, however, and found so many cute things.  I lost Forest at one point until I heard him excitedly say “Babe, come look at this!”  It was a woodland themed crib set and it was adorable.  And there was a matching mobile for above the crib.  At another point he was scoping out the infant clothes to find something with ‘Daddy’ on it.  And I learned that he will not be letting our baby wear tutu’s – they’re out of the question.  He had an opinion on every outfit and I loved every minute of it!  The one thing we had to buy was a hanging sign with the alphabet and the cutest little woodland animals.  It’s the first thing we’ve bought for the baby (besides the house, Forest always reminds me) and we both love it!  Eek!

March 2015 empty nursery

I want the nursery to be perfect for our little girl and I know it will all come together! :)

Until next time — Cindy