September & Me | 2017


loving. When Peyton says “Okay?” such as “Me read book, Mommy.  Okay?” She has the whole head tilt thing down too!

needing. Caffeine.  Sleep.  Patience.  Selflessness.  –> Jesus!!!

wanting. Sloane to sleep through the night again!  Or at least sleep better than she has been.  Did the 4 month sleep regression start early with her?!

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Thoughts on Thursday – 9.01.2016


This month has a lot of things to look forward to!  First, it’s my birthday month!  And the start of Fall! Fall is easily my favorite season but for some reason I don’t want it to be here yet…. I’m hoping the last couple weeks of the summer season are sunny and warm and we can squeeze in a couple more beach days.  AND this will be my last month working in an office (outside of the home).  AAAAAND (as if there could be anything more exciting!) I’m planning a few fun things for Captured by Cindy Photography!

Dancing with the Stars revealed their new line-up of stars this week!  And I surprisingly know a lot of them!

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September in [daily] pictures

Continuing on my 365 photo project, >>the bethadilly challenge<<.

243 | 365 Everything I need to leave the house these days.  supplies 

243_9.1.15 supplies

244 | 365 Shadows of the mobile on the swing.

244_9.2.15 shadows

246 | 365 I’ve been reading in here in the evenings now that we have our new chairsnew beginnings.

246_9.4.15 new beginnings

247 | 365 Sometimes you’ll find me in here during the day while Peyton naps with a book cracked open.

247_9.5.15 open

248 | 365 A typical night for us, hanging out after dinner. posed.

248_9.6.15 posed

249 | 365 Family time is my favorite time.  i care about this.

249_9.7.15 i care about this

250 | 365 A pile of flowers, ready to be boxed away until the spring.

250_9.8.15 a pile

251 | 365 Afternoon thunderstorm rolling through.  starts with a.

251_9.9.15 starts with a

252 | 365 When the baby falls asleep in the backseat as you pull into the driveway.

252_9.10.15 solo

253 | 365 Remembering our time at the Creation Museum when we visited in March.  We got this onesie for Peyton and she can finally wear it!

253_9.11.15 remember

255 | 365 where i sleep.

255_9.13.15 where i sleep

256 | 365 Changed up the kitchen shelves today.  variety.

256_9.14.15 variety

257 | 365 Morning coffee + the sound of sweet baby babbling. i did this.

257_9.15.15 i did this

258 | 365 Found this pretty little box sitting outside my front door – my new camera bag arrived!

258_9.16.15 sit

259 | 365 my birthday!  my style.

259_9.17.15 my style

261 | 365 love these baby toes.  and the strong arms that hold them.

261_9.19.15 love

262 | 365 I got a couple inches chopped off – it was way overdue.

262_9.20.15 chopped

263 | 365 Me and my girl.

263_9.21.15 me

264 | 365 I spent my afternoon doing laundry – I don’t mind when most of them are these adorable baby clothes.

264_9.22.15 my afternoon

265 | 365 Puffy clouds + bright blue sky = my kind of view during my morning walk.  pullback.

265_9.23.15 pullback

266 | 365 Toes. less is more.

266_9.24.2015 less is more

267 | 365 My first photo session today! high.

267_9.25.15 high

268 | 365 My husband cooks a mean brinner.  I love him for that (and so much more)! whatever.

268_9.26.15 whatever

269 | 365 Working on the tummy time. cotton.

269_9.27.15 cotton

270 | 365 “Stop rushing to get the to-do list done because it never does.  The kids do.”  life lesson. (I wrote a little more about this here.)

270_9.28.15 life lesson

271 | 365 cooking utensil.

271_9.29.15 cooking utensil

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore