July & Me | 2017


loving.  Playdates!  Summer!  Sloane’s cheeks!  Conversations with Peyton! Beating Forest at Bananagrams!

needing. To edit July’s pictures!

wanting. Peyton’s nap to last more than 30 minutes tomorrow…

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Flowers for the backyard

Last weekend we spent our Saturday making the backyard pretty.  Peyton loved helping us pick flowers at Lowe’s and after lunch she was all-hands-on-deck to help Forest get them in the flowerbeds.  I can’t wait for these plants to get bigger with more blooms so enjoy all summer!



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Thoughts on Thursday | 05.18.2017

I’m currently backing up all of the videos on my iPhone to the computer so I can free up some space.  Instagram stories definitely makes this job A LOT more difficult because I am constantly recording little snippets of our everyday.

We had a play date at a friend’s house Wednesday morning.  It’s the sweetest thing having friends with kids the same age as Peyton and knowing they’ll get to grow up together!

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Around the house | Summer 2016

We have officially entered fall and even though the temps hover between 75 and 80 degrees most days, I’m beginning to welcome the thought of cooler mornings, a nice breeze coming through open windows in the afternoon, and apple cider!

But before I say goodbye to Summer 2016 forever, I wanted to make sure I document our house at the end of the season.  As I look through these pictures, however, I realize that most of them are Peyton’s little spots around the house OR a few pictures that haven’t changed since we moved into the house.  Nevertheless, I assume Peyton will be playing with {mostly} different toys this time next year (when we’ll have a 2 year old!!) so having this documented to know what toys she enjoys at the moment is perfect for me!

Documenting our spring/summer shelves since I just pulled out the fall decor! 09.20.2016  #bringonthefall

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Golden hour in our backyard

We spend some time outside after dinner most evenings.  One night last week, with the sun setting sooner as fall approaches, we were outside during golden hour and the light was too pretty not to grab a few pictures of my little family.  Because I want to remember so many things about this time in our lives.

I want to remember…

…Peyton looking for every airplane that she hears flying over us.

…Forest’s chuckle when he sees Peyton’s hair standing up after he takes a picture.

…Indie running around the yard with her ball and floppy ears.

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Lake Placid, NY | Vacation 2016

We took a week in the middle of August, just before Forest’s LAST semester of grad school started back up, to get away on a kick-our-feet-up, do-nothing, no-schedule vacation to Lake Placid in upstate New York.  We stayed in a rustic cottage at a really nice resort – Ampersand Bay Resort & Boat Club – on Saranac Lake (about 20 minutes from downtown Lake Placid).  We had access to paddle boards, kayaks, and paddle boats.  They had a dock for boats (both resort members + ones that could be rented) that Forest fished from one day.  There was a nightly bonfire that started at 7 every night on the beach and we had front row seats to some of the prettiest sunsets while we were there. (We would highly recommend this place and we’re actually wondering when we’ll make a trip back ourselves!)  Aaaaaaand  I don’t know if the weather we had was typical for August up in the mountains and right on the lake but the high’s all week hovered right at 79 – absolute perfection!

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July & Me | 2016



loving.  the polish I currently have on my toenails – I unfortunately don’t have the name because I used my mom’s BUT I would say it’s a soft lilac color and it’s perfect!

needing. to get 2 weddings edited!

wanting. to go to our family reunion in August (we’ll get there one year!)

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