2017 – Project 52

A few of my favorite pictures from my 2017 Project 52 (I started it as a 365 project [one picture a day] but I’ve already missed some days and instead feeling guilty I just switched to a Project 52 [one picture every week]) – I just sent January and February to be printed so I’ll be sticking them in my album soon!










Little snippets that remind me of moments forgotten.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

52 Project – 2015 [weeks 35-52]

I did it!  I finally finished my Project 52 album for 2015! [you can check out other of my Project 52 posts here.]  I’ve already flipped through the pages several times and I love it so much!  I have a lot of leftover cards from my core kit but I can’t decide how I’ll use them.  I’m working on a Project 365 this year (I know!  I’m crazy!) so I’ll probably make another album for those pictures! I really want to continue improving my skills and it doesn’t hurt that Peyton and Indie are so easy to photograph everyday!

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52 PROJECT 2015 [WEEKS 28-34]

Sharing weeks 28-34 of my 52 Project album.  It has been really difficult to pick just ONE picture most weeks so you’ll see that I’ve picked 2 pictures and didn’t use a card from the project life set or I decided to use a whole spread for the week so I could include more pictures plus use journaling cards.

weeks 28 & 29

^weeks 28 & 29

week 29 close up

^week 29 close up.  my sleeping beauties.

week 30

^week 30 – capturing her smiles

week 30 close up

week 31

^week 31

week 32 & 33

^weeks 32 & 33

week 34 close up

^week 34 close up

There were a lot of sleeping in these pictures.  We have a baby, what do you expect. ;)

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View From the Shore.