Sloane’s Birth Story

Forest and I agreed early on in our 2nd pregnancy that we were going to have another c-section for delivery instead of trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Well, I said I agreed but really I was praying about it all.the.time.  I have a friend who had a successful VBAC just a few months before Sloane was born and she said she’d never have another c-section if she could avoid it.  I felt like most of my doctors were gently encouraging me to go for a repeat c-section and I knew that both Forest and I agreed that having another c-section was more up our alley in terms of preparedness and knowing when to expect our girl to be here, especially with all of our family coming from out of town and needing someone to watch Peyton while we were in the hospital.

All of that to say, I wanted to do VBAC but after praying for so long about it and talking Forest’s ear off every day about making a decision, we scheduled a c-section for June 6 at 3:00 pm.  Thankfully, I got a call a week prior asking if we wanted to move our time up to 7:00 am and I couldn’t say yes fast enough!


^Our last family picture before Sloane – from Peyton’s 2nd birthday 6/2/17

/We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am and they immediately had me change into a gown a/nd tried to get my IV in to get fluids started.  We had the sweetest nurse who tried several times on both arms to get the IV in but it wasn’t working for her, the needle would go in the vein but the tube/catheter thing wouldn’t advance into the vein.  After her 3rd or 4th try she called the anesthesiologist (who was so nice and explained everything and was a different guy from Peyton’s birth, thank goodness) so he could numb the area and start the IV without me feeling any pain.  They picked such a weird location, on the side of my left wrist, but it finally went in and fluids were flowing.

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Peyton’s 2nd Birthday Party

Peyton turned 2 years old on June 2 and we celebrated at home with the cake of her request – pink cake and blue icing!  She even blew out her own candles like a pro!  The next weekend, while all the grandparents were here, we celebrated a second time with yummy cake after dinner.

Her gifts from dada and mama were a cute little table with umbrella and chairs and a Minnie umbrella.  And she was showered with fun gifts and clothes from grandparents, aunts and uncles and extended family and friends.


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Thoughts on Thursday – 9.15.2016

Today is my last day at work and I’m oozing joy!  I will miss seeing everyone at work but I am so excited to start this new adventure of photographer and stay at home mama!  (Read more in this post.)

Kids can wear their own drawings!

I’m working on a post of Peyton’s current favorite toys (at 15 months) but this shape sorter is at the top of the list!

I like to read blogs.  I read them for awhile before I started my own.  And I love the series a group of bloggers did sharing pictures of their houses in their current (messy) state.  It’s tough living in a Pinterest world and thinking your house is the only one with toys everywhere, mail on the counter, and dishes in the sink but these ladies are keeping it real!  I started with Bower Power Blog’s post and clicked through to look at the messes in the other 5 homes!

My BIRTHDAY is this weekend!  I’m so excited to spend a day celebrating with my family!

I just learned about this FREE online photography conference next week.  There are several photographers on the list that I’d love to hear so I’m excited to catch a few of their sessions!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Until next time — Cindy

Peyton’s 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Peyton’s 1st birthday on Saturday June 4.

It was hot and sunny and we were all huddled in the shade but we had so much fun celebrating our little girl on her first birthday!

We had both sets of grandparents, Aunt Amanda, and cousin Chansler all here to help us decorate and celebrate!  Plus many of our closest friends came over!

We made sure we measured Peyton on her measuring stick (one of her Christmas gifts from us!) first thing in the morning.

Peyton's 1st birthday party

We spent all of Saturday morning decorating outside and preparing the food that we couldn’t/didn’t the night before and icing the smash cake and cupcakes.

Peyton's 1st birthday party

Peyton's 1st birthday party

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HBD Indie!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Indie Mavis!

You are an extraordinarily friendly and loving dog, you know no stranger, you’re snuggle-game is strong and you’ve learned that the best place to hang out at dinner-time is under Peyton’s chair.  I hope you know how much you are loved (more like spoiled) and we couldn’t imagine our family without your beautiful smile, constant hopeful enthusiasm to go for a walk, and attempts to sneak into our bed every night.

We love you, girlfriend!




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Thoughts on Thursday – 5.19.2016 | First birthday gift ideas

My thoughts this week have been focused on Peyton’s first birthday so this week’s Thoughts on Thursday are all ideas for a special first birthday gift.

Peyton’s first birthday is less than 2 weeks away (how?!) so I’ve been brainstorming a few gift ideas but I have a few criteria it must meet:

  1. Durable – kids are rough on toys so I want it to last
  2. It won’t be outgrown too quickly
  3. Educational/use of imagination

I think all of the gifts listed below would be excellent gifts for any young kids!  There is a good mix of price ranges in this list.  And I know there are plenty of other gifts that would be equally as awesome that I haven’t thought of!

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Thoughts on Thursday – 5.05.2016

I’m pretty sure I don’t remember what the sun is anymore.  We haven’t seen it once all week and it’s starting to affect (effect??) my sanity.  I haven’t even checked the weather to see when it might make an appearance.  Maybe this weekend??

Happy (early) 2nd birthday to our nephew, Chansler!  His birthday is tomorrow!  He’s getting to be such a big-boy and I can’t believe it!  We sent a gift to him this week so hopefully we’ll get to Facetime to watch him open it soon!

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