Forest Says – Vol. 15

Last week was a long week and I totally skipped out on posting a thoughts on thursday but here were are with another volume of Forest Says for your Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was marvelous.  I know hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc on part of the country to so we’ve been praying that things are ok, as much as they can be.



During a Jillian Michaels’ workout

JM: you want to wear those strapless dresses, don’t you?!

Forest: yeah!!


F:  Man…. I have a knot in my shoulder.

C:  Why?

F:  Because I’m just so strong.  That’s what happens when you’re as strong as me.  Muscles just do whatever they want.


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Thoughts on Thursday – 8.25.2016

On this very day 11 years ago, a small town girl said YES to dating a small town boy and they never looked back.  I’m so extremely thankful for high school Spanish class, physics homework, and new cell phones that we used to call each other late at night to talk about everything under the sun. (you can read about how we started dating in THIS POST).  Forest, 11 years ago I said yes and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  You’ve been the peanut butter to my jelly and my greatest supporter.  Thank you so much for loving me!

I Facetimed with a friend today and even though I had several interruptions (hi there crying-baby-who-is-supposed-to-be-napping and FedEx guy), it was a sweet time to catch up.  I’m always so encouraged by this lovely lady and I think she’s the sweetest.  And I would say the same things even if she hadn’t just celebrated her birthday. :)

My mom has been going through/is going through some tough stuff recently (she is such a tough woman and is such an inspiration and I really wish she WASN’T going through any of this) but today she got a bit of good news from her doctor and I’m over here doing happy dances and praising God for his healing hands.

Forest said that a co-worker told him if he isn’t watching Big Brother After Dark or Big Brother Live feeds that he isn’t a Big Brother fan and I have to disagree BUT we will be recording Big Brother After Dark tonight and we’ll see what it’s all about.

Tomorrow if Friday and I’m going into work.  And I’m not looking forward to it.

Peyton has entered the stage of mini-tantrums.  If she doesn’t get her way (mostly if she’s tired and we try to set her down after carrying her on our hip) she will bend herself in half while she’s sitting on the floor and fake-cry into the floor OR she’ll throw herself backwards and fuss.  She’s hit her head a couple times doing that though so she doesn’t do it as often.  BUT she’s also all about Indie recently.  She will wrap her arms around Indie’s neck to give hugs and she gives kisses every chance she gets.  Peyton loves to think Indie is chasing her.  Just today Peyton was by my feet as I was washing dishes and Indie came into the kitchen, minding her own business and not even looking in our direction, and Peyton shrieked and screamed and buried her head in my legs, laughing the whole time.

I photographed TWO weddings at the end of July and as of today, I have delivered pictures to both couples.  OH YEAH!

Take me back to Lake Placid, please!  We had such an amazing vacation last week.  Perfect weather, no agenda, relaxation to the max!  I’ll be posting about it (hopefully) next week!

Forest started his LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL this week!  I’m so proud of that guy!  He’s going to be busy with 2 classes but he’s going to rock this semester and walk at graduation in December!

Forest and I started working out again this week (vacation interrupted our previous attempt to be consistent) and we are SO sore!  We were doing T25 but it just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I didn’t feel like I was getting a good workout so this week we popped Jillian Micheal’s (we’ve had this DVD for a few years but the workout is still effective!) in and yeah, I’m feeling it!

Does anyone have advice on drinking more water during the day?  I’ve never had a problem drinking water while I’m at work but now that I’m home more during the week I often realize I haven’t been drinking water until lunch time and then I try to guzzle as much as I can the rest of the day (and usually don’t do a very good job about it!)

And I’ll leave you with this: A few summer slow cooker ideas.

Until next time — Cindy

Forest Says – Vol. 14

Oh my goodness it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Forest Says!  And I’m sad to say that I have been terrible about writing down his witty comebacks and one-liners recently.  I do still have a few though so here goes another volume of Forest Says!!


Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Peyton one Saturday morning

Minnie Mouse on tv:  I wish that we can all be friends forever and ever!

F:  That’s a stupid wish, Minnie.  It’ll never work.


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Father’s Day – 2016

We celebrated Forest’s second father’s day over the weekend!  I see how much he loves and cares for our family and I loved being able to celebrate him.  You are the best dada around, I mean it!

We kicked off the whole weekend by going to a concert on Friday night, just the two of us.  It was the first concert we’ve been to since before Peyton was born and Forest has been looking forward to it for moooooonths.  Dashboard Confessional was the headlining band.  If we were to pick a single band to highlight our high school days, they would be it.  At one point Forest leaned over and asked “Did I buy these tickets as my own Father’s Day gift?” I told him about the concert but he actually purchased the tickets so…. technically yes but whatevs. :)

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I want to remember

It’s occurred to me lately that maybe the smallest life moments are the ones I want to preserve the most.  Because down the road, I’ll probably remember the big life moments! it’ll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things.  And I’ve already captured those moments with the camera and shared those times on the blog.  Of course I will have my camera with me for capturing all of the big, fun, spectacular things!  But it’s so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine…

but it all changes so quickly!

We’ve had a rough week, our little family, and sleep has been hard to come by.  Last week I was down for the 24-hour count.   Thankfully it was only 24 hours.  And Forest (what a guy, that one) he’s seriously the best!  He was able to stay home to take care of me + Peyton (he didn’t want to drive her all the way to daycare so everyone stayed home with sick mommy!)  And while I felt terrible, I got to enjoy baby cuddles while we napped – the best way to spend any day!

I had 2 vacation days that followed my sick-day and they were the best!  Getting to spend all of my time with my baby girl!  I was able to have dinner on the table and clean the house and have a play date (Peyton got to enjoy the swings for the first time!) and it was the most perfect two days followed by an equally perfect weekend of a Lowe’s trip and baby nap-cuddles and church and the beach!

And then Monday morning hit and we were back at the grind.  But then Monday afternoon hit and daycare called to say that Peyton had a fever and my heart sank.  She has an ear infection and hasn’t slept well the past couple days.  She wants to be held and her fever has been so high and I’ve spent countless hours praying that her fever would break and her infection would be healed.  We did a 2 am bath in the middle of the night to help cool her down.  Peyton ended up sleeping in bed with me and Forest slept on the couch (with Indie).  Very little sleep, very heavy heart, so much guilt for being at work (hello year-end!!) when I’d much rather be cuddling her until she’s feeling better.  But Forest (again, that guy is something else) was able to work from one day and he told me all was well.

And trying to juggle taking care of Peyton and ourselves with working has not been easy.  Not at all.  I’m not complaining because we figured it out.  We (thankfully!) have bosses that understand having a baby and we can both work from home if we need to but I will forever and always give props to all the working parents out there.  It’s tough and exhausting and thank goodness we get the weekends to sleep in and recuperate!

This last week has been tough, yes (and Peyton still isn’t 100% herself. She doesn’t have her normal appetite back and she’s not sleeping through the night yet. I hope those things will return to normal soon, I just hate seeing my baby hurting!) BUT I am so thankful that we have them.  That we have Peyton!  That we have each other to lean on encourage and cuddle!  And!  Despite the sickness and not feeling well, Peyton still manages to laugh for no reason, plays her new favorite game of “Where’s Indie?!” as she peers over the back of the couch, races around the kitchen in the walker (pulling open drawers and chasing Indie as she goes), and gives us all the kisses!

Sour, sweet, sour, sweet.  That’s been our week but hopefully the really sour stuff is behind us for awhile because this little family is ready to stay healthy for maaaaaaany weeks!

Until next time — Cindy

I want to remember

It’s occurred to me lately that maybe the smallest life moments are the ones I want to preserve the most.  Because down the road, I’ll probably remember the big life moments! it’ll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things.  And I’ve already captured those moments with the camera and shared those times on the blog.  Of course I will have my camera with me for capturing all of the big, fun, spectacular things!  But it’s so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine…

but it all changes so quickly!

Dear Peyton,

This week has been a memorable one!  Grampa & Gramma S are here visiting  but that’s not the only reason it’s so memorable.  You have been teething and it hasn’t been easy.  You’re poor little body is having a rough time cutting those top teeth.  You’ve experienced everything from getting sick multiple times a day to not being able to get comfortable and sleep through the night.  Me and Gramma took you to the doctor on Monday (we saw Dr. Ruda for the first time – he seems really nice and I’m so glad we found a good pediatricians office with so many good doctors) and after we left I text Dada ‘diagnosis: teething.’  We were worried it was a bug except that you have been your normal, happy self during the day.  I can’t wait for these teeth to cut through because Mama hates seeing you uncomfortable!

It’s so much fun watching you scoot across the floor.  You aren’t very fast but if we turn away for just a second it seems like you’ve scooted half-way across the room!  You still don’t seem interested in crawling yet – I’m blaming our hardwood/tile floors but I know you’ll figure it out.

You might only be 9 months old but when it’s time to pray we have to be quiet… shh… (you always seem to talk more when it’s time to pray and it is completely adorable.  We’ll work on being quiet soon!)




Dear Forest,

Thank you for your patience in the middle of the night when I’ve tried everything I can think of to help Peyton and I just can’t figure it out.  You are super-dada and I want you to know that I appreciate you.

You made a ‘resolution’ at the beginning of the year to stay away from sweets and I admire you so much for sticking to it.  I fluctuate between being really helpful and being the one to tempt you but you’ve been so good about it.

Good luck on your March Madness bracket this year!  (I’m sure that I’ll win (for the third year in a row!!) but I figured I could at least be polite!)



Dear Indie,

Please stop stepping on my feet.  They are mine.  You have your own.  I will gladly let you walk beside, behind or in front of me but not ON me.

Thank you for being  the best snuggle-puppy in the world.

It cracks me up that you insist on sitting BETWEEN me and dad on the couch.  You could have an entire cushion to yourself but you choose the spot right in the middle of us.

I worry about your back legs, girlfriend.  If we spend a day playing hard outside you usually limp all evening.  We know the only solution is for you to have surgery so we try our best to take it easy but you’re still a pup!  And you’re so fun to chase around the yard!

Please be patient as I try to train you.  I have high hopes of getting you to stop jumping up on people but I know it’s going to take some time and patience on your end, on my end, and on Dad’s end.  We got this!