Thoughts on Thursday | 05.18.2017

I’m currently backing up all of the videos on my iPhone to the computer so I can free up some space.  Instagram stories definitely makes this job A LOT more difficult because I am constantly recording little snippets of our everyday.

We had a play date at a friend’s house Wednesday morning.  It’s the sweetest thing having friends with kids the same age as Peyton and knowing they’ll get to grow up together!

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Forest Says – Vol. 15

Last week was a long week and I totally skipped out on posting a thoughts on thursday but here were are with another volume of Forest Says for your Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was marvelous.  I know hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc on part of the country to so we’ve been praying that things are ok, as much as they can be.



During a Jillian Michaels’ workout

JM: you want to wear those strapless dresses, don’t you?!

Forest: yeah!!


F:  Man…. I have a knot in my shoulder.

C:  Why?

F:  Because I’m just so strong.  That’s what happens when you’re as strong as me.  Muscles just do whatever they want.


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Forest Says – Vol. 14

Oh my goodness it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Forest Says!  And I’m sad to say that I have been terrible about writing down his witty comebacks and one-liners recently.  I do still have a few though so here goes another volume of Forest Says!!


Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Peyton one Saturday morning

Minnie Mouse on tv:  I wish that we can all be friends forever and ever!

F:  That’s a stupid wish, Minnie.  It’ll never work.


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